Search YourDictionary to see if a word is accepted in Scrabble® play. YourDictionary's version of the Scrabble dictionary provides the definition and base points for accepted Scrabble words. We also show other words you can make with the letters in case there is an alternate word with even more scoring potential!

Check "Exact Match" before you search to display Scrabble words with that word in them. For example, searching on "apple" with "Exact Match" checked shows you words with "apple", such as "applesauce" or "pineapple".

Strategy tip: The SCRABBLE® game rules don't allow proper nouns like a person's name to be played. If you have the tiles A-D-A-M, you could do a search with the letters A-D-A-M and "Exact Match" checked to see a list of longer words with ADAM in them. The word "macadamized" would fetch you an awesome 28 points!