Anagram Solver

Stuck on a Scrabble hand? Lost in a word find? Peeved by a perplexing puzzle in Word Cookies? Even if you’ve just been rumbled by a Jumble, what you need is an anagram solver for some unscramblement. Hint: don’t try to play unscramblement in your word game, it’s not technically a word (though here’s hoping it catches on).

Did you know the ancient Greeks liked to play around with anagrams? Yes, people have enjoyed rearranging random letters into words or phrases for centuries. Anagramming is fun, but it can also be frustrating. Don’t worry, Word Finder, the internet’s premier word-game resource, knows all the words. It’s the biggest word nerd you’ve ever met, which is good news for you, because if you’ve got some scrambled letters, the anagram solver can and will make them into words. Whether your game is Words With Friends, Wordscapes, Text Twist, Boggle or any of the other exciting word games that abound in the digital realm, Word Finder is standing by to help you solve anagrams all day, every day.

How to Use the Anagram Solver

Just take the tangle of phonemes that’s complicating your life, pop them into our free, easy anagram solver above. You can enter up to 12 letters into the big blue box, including up to two “?” as wildcards. Hit the search button on the right and the anagram solver will unscramble the letters and generate a list of possible words for you to use in your online games. Victory is yours.

Word games are war. Well, war without the dying. And the violence. And in word games you frequently laugh afterward and high five and schedule a rematch, which is quite uncommon in war. Fine. Word games aren’t war. But they’re competitive! Being competitive, it’s your prerogative, nay, your responsibility to marshal every resource you can find to spell your way to victory. That’s where Word Finder comes in. With this anagram solver, not to mention our useful word lists, we’re here to help you win.

Word Lists to Solve Anagrams

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