Words Without Vowels

Considering that consonants make up three-quarters of the letters in English, it only makes sense that consonant words abound. Of course, almost all English words contain at least one vowel. Are there any words without vowels in English? Particularly for Wordle, can you find a 5 letter word with a lot of consonants? Decipher the GLYPH and SLYLY discover words with no vowels. Read more about consonant words

Words With Friends®


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7 Letter Words

Word Points Options
glycyls 18
rhythms 16
tsktsks 15

3 of 3 words

6 Letter Words

Word Points Options
syzygy 23
sphynx 21
xylyls 19
flybys 17
flysch 17
glycyl 17
lymphs 17
nymphs 17
glyphs 16
psychs 16
sylphy 16
dryfly 15
myrrhy 15
rhythm 15
crwths 14
crypts 14
ghylls 14
spryly 14
sylphs 14
synchs 14
tsktsk 14
myrrhs 13
synthy 13
synths 11
grrrls 9
trysts 8

10 of 26 words


5 Letter Words

Word Points Options
xylyl 18
pygmy 17
cwtch 16
flyby 16
hyphy 16
lymph 16
nymph 16
glyph 15
gymps 15
phpht 15
psych 15
lynch 14
mythy 14
thymy 14
xysts 14
crwth 13
crypt 13
ghyll 13
hymns 13
sylph 13
synch 13
typps 13
wryly 13
myrrh 12
myths 12
shyly 12
stymy 12
wynds 12
wynns 12
byrls 11
dryly 11
fyrds 11
slyly 11
syncs 11
cysts 10

10 of 40 words


4 Letter Words

Word Points Options
lynx 15
gymp 14
wych 14
cwms 13
pfft 13
xyst 13
hwyl 12
hymn 12
typp 12
gyms 11
hyps 11
myth 11
typy 11
whys 11
wynd 11
wynn 11
byrl 10
flys 10
fyrd 10
skyr 10
sync 10
wyns 10
cyst 9
scry 9
spry 9
rynd 8
tsks 8
brrr 7
drys 7
grrl 7
psst 7

10 of 31 words


2 Letter Words

Word Points Options
mm 8
by 7
hm 7
my 7
sh 4

5 of 5 words


More About Words Without Vowels

Consonant words come in handy when you’ve got a shortage of vowels in games like Words With Friends®. Hunt for open vowels on the current game board to find opportunities to play your consonant letter tiles. For the purposes of this list of words without vowels, the letter Y is being treated as the exception.

When working out daily Wordle answers, you may be keen to know five letter words with a lot of consonants. Common examples of 5 letter words with Y include NYMPH, TRYST and SLYLY. Even when you use the best Wordle starting word, you could be in for a challenge. What if you want words without vowels or Y? These are much rarer. A couple of true consonant words are CWMS and PFFT. 

When you’re struggling to play your consonant letter tiles in Scrabble®, for instance, it’s helpful to think about consonant clusters. That’s when you have two or more consonants with no vowel in between. In the word GRAPH, both GR and PH are consonant clusters. When you can hear individual sounds, you can call it a consonant blend. This is a solid Wordle strategy as well.

A list of consonant words like this can really make you go HMM. There’s no need to go quiet with a SHH when you have words with no vowels at your disposal. On the exact opposite end of the spectrum are vowel words. Just as you can get stuck with no vowels in Scrabble®, forming words with only vowels can be equally challenging. Queue up some available options for your next game.

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