5 Letter Words That Start with S and End in E for Wordle

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Getting two green squares can feel pretty good. But, not all green squares in Wordle are made equally. As it turns out, there are over 200 five-letter words starting with S and ending in E that could be possible Wordle answers. Oof. Put on that thinking cap as you pour through this slate of Wordle words. It’s the only way you’re going to score a victory today.

Wordle Words That Start With SH

As far as Wordle hints go, thinking about common letter combinations with every guess feels like a no-brainer. When you have five-letter words that start with S, you’ll see the S can go with H to make the SH sound, as in SHAKE and SHINE. 

  • shade

  • shake

  • shale

  • shame

  • shape

  • share

  • shave

  • shere

  • shine

  • shire

  • shite

  • shive

  • shmoe

  • shone

  • shope

  • shore

  • shote

  • shove

  • shule

  • shute

Wordle Words That Start With SL 

SH is an example of a consonant digraph, where the two letters combine to make a single sound. By comparison, SL is a consonant blend, as each of the two letters makes its own sound. You’ll want to consider both digraphs and blends as you SLIDE your way to Wordle wins every day. 

  • slade

  • slake

  • slane

  • slate

  • slave

  • slice

  • slide

  • slime

  • slipe

  • slive

  • slope

  • slove

  • sluse

  • slype

Wordle Words That Start With SA

When looking at a list of five-letter words that start with S and end in E, it’s obvious that you’ll need at least one more vowel somewhere in between. That vowel could be an A, as is the case with these Wordle words starting with SA and ending in E. It just might be the secret SAUCE you seek.

  • sable

  • sabre

  • sacre

  • sadhe

  • saice

  • saine

  • salle

  • salse

  • salue

  • salve

  • saree

  • sarge

  • sasse

  • sauce

  • saute

  • sauve

  • sayee

  • sayne

5-Letter S Words With 2 E’s (or More) 

You may already know that letters can repeat in Wordle. While your mind might gravitate toward duplicate consonants, vowels are absolutely fair game as well. For five-letter words starting with S and ending in E, you just might find a second E in there too. Or, in the case of SEMEE, even a third E!

  • seame

  • seare

  • sease

  • seaze

  • sedge

  • segue

  • seine

  • seise

  • seize

  • selle

  • semee

  • semie

  • sense

  • sente

  • serge

  • serre

  • serve

  • setae

Wordle Words That Start With SI, SO or SU

One of the best starting words for Wordle is SOARE. It not only taps into five of the most common letters in English, but it also places them in common positions. You’ll find literally thousands of words that end in E and hundreds of those are five-letters long too. Following the S with another vowel could be exactly what you need to SOLVE today’s Wordle. 

  • sidhe

  • sidle

  • siege

  • sieve

  • since

  • singe

  • siree

  • sithe

  • sixte

  • soare

  • soave

  • socle

  • solde

  • solve

  • sonce

  • sonde

  • sonne

  • sonse

  • soole

  • soote

  • soree

  • souce

  • souse

  • sowce

  • sowle

  • sowne

  • sowse

  • soyle

  • suave

  • sucre

  • suede

  • suete

  • suite

  • sujee

  • surge 

5-Letter Words That Start With SC or SK

Both C and K make the same starting sound for words that start with SC or SK. There’s no reason to SKATE around the issue there. But, you’ll need to leave no stone unturned if you want to SCORE yourself a win and find Wordle answers consistently. 

  • scale

  • scape

  • scare

  • scene

  • scire

  • scobe

  • scone

  • scope

  • score

  • scote

  • scrae

  • scree

  • scuse

  • scute

  • skate

  • skene

  • skite

  • skive

  • skobe

  • skyre

  • skyte

5-Letter Words That Start With ST 

What else does the Wordle game have in STORE for you? After figuring out you’ve got the S and E in the first and last position, respectively, perhaps you could set the STAGE with words starting with ST as your next move. 

  • stade

  • stage

  • stake

  • stale

  • stane

  • stare

  • state

  • stave

  • stede

  • stele

  • steme

  • stere

  • stile

  • stime

  • stipe

  • stire

  • stive

  • stoae

  • stoke

  • stole

  • stone

  • stope

  • store

  • stove

  • strae

  • stude

  • stupe

  • sture

  • style

  • styme

  • styre

  • styte

More 5-Letter Words Starting With S and Ending in E

The likely reason why you’ve arrived on this page in the first place is that you’ve already identified at least three key pieces of information about today’s Wordle puzzle. Like every other day, you need five-letter words. You also see the word starts with S and ends with E. What’s next? 

Try some common letters in the remaining SPACE in between and you just might SWIPE a win before you run out of your six guesses. Or have we SPOKE too soon?

  • smaze

  • smeke

  • smile

  • smite

  • smize

  • smoke

  • smore

  • smote

  • snake

  • snare

  • snide

  • snipe

  • snive

  • snoke

  • snore

  • space

  • spade

  • spake

  • spale

  • spane

  • spare

  • spate

  • spice

  • spide

  • spike

  • spile

  • spine

  • spire

  • spite

  • spode

  • spoke

  • spore

  • spree

  • sprue

  • spule

  • spume

  • spyre

  • squee

  • swage

  • swale

  • sware

  • swede

  • swile

  • swine

  • swipe

  • swire

  • swive

  • swole

  • swore

  • sybbe

  • syboe

  • sycee

  • sythe

Slide Into Victory With Superior Wordle Help

Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by this list of over 200 five-letter words starting with S and ending in E. We don’t blame you. That’s also why we’re eager to offer custom Wordle help to suit your gaming situation. With our robust Wordle solver, you can enter all your green, yellow and dark gray letter tiles. Then, we show you every word fitting that pattern. How cool is that? You’ll never share a “Wordle X/6” on social media ever again. 

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