Not sure if the word you’re thinking of is, y’know, a word? Ask the Word Game Dictionary. No, really - it’s literally why we exist. Every Word Game Dictionary entry is a legal Scrabble word, and each one comes complete with the definition and point value. Our Scrabble helper even searches for other strong Scrabble words with the same letters, so you always have the best move and can stay one hop ahead of the competition.

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Pro tip: use our Exact Match trick to get around that pesky “no proper nouns” rule. If you have the tiles A-D-A-M, “Adam” may just hang out in your hand, worth a big fat 0 points. But “macadamized?” That’s 28 points of perfectly legal pwn. The Word Finder Word Game Dictionary is designed to solve that kind of Scrabble problem every time you search.