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We have the perfect tool for all of you word game-loving people. WordFinder’s Scrabble dictionary is a completely online tool that will give you the competitive edge you need to dominate all of your family and friends when you are playing Scrabble® GO, Words With Friends® and other word games. This is the best way to impress all of your friends and all of your enemies alike. WordFinder™ was built from the bottom up to serve word gamers, so when in doubt, you can just ask us because we will definitely have the answers you are looking for. If you simply enter your letter tiles from your current hand in the board game into our Scrabble dictionary tool, read them, and select which word to play, you’ll be improving your game in no time.

Use our online Scrabble® GO dictionary before taking a chance by putting down those Scrabble tiles that might not actually be a real Scrabble word. Just enter your word into WordFinder’s Scrabble dictionary. This tool will help you out with all of your word game needs, and get you out of any potential ruts you might be in when you play Scrabble® GO.

Superior Scrabble Helper

WordFinder’s online edition of the Scrabble dictionary isn’t just another Scrabble® GO word helper. The internet has plenty of those. We’re WordFinder™. Our proprietary version of the Scrabble dictionary was built using world-class dictionaries, including Webster’s, American Heritage, Wiktionary, and many more. Our website’s Scrabble dictionary is only one of our available tools and products that you can use to help you win. We also have a word unscrambler tool that you can use to ensure you always have a Scrabble® GO word to play during your game.

Just like our Words With Friends® cheat tool, every WordFinder™ Scrabble dictionary search result is a guaranteed game-legal word, so you will not be breaking any rules. And even better, we supply you with the point values for these words. Better yet, after you enter your letters into the tool, you can also click on any word from the word list to read its definition. WordFinder’s online Scrabble dictionary tool also helps you by sorting the results and feedback in whatever way you want. You can choose to sort your results alphabetically, by length, or by point value. The word list that WordFinder™ curates for you will help you to make sure you always make the best move so you can stay one hop ahead of the competition at all times.

And if you’re in need of even more word game help, we also have curated Scrabble word lists that you can use to beat your opponent in your next game. Our word lists include words that burn consonants, words that burn vowels, and words that have Q but no U.

Other Uses for WordFinder’s Scrabble Dictionary

Don’t just use our Scrabble dictionary when you’re stuck, type in your letter tiles to see which word you should play to get the most points. But there are even more ways our Scrabble dictionary can help you beat out the competition. WordFinder’s Scrabble dictionary isn’t only good for helping you decide which word to play. If you are suspicious of another player’s played word, you might want to check to make sure the word they are trying to use is actually a word in whatever language you are playing Scrabble® GO in. This will help you confirm that they have rightfully earned their points. If you think your competition is breaking the rules, and the letter tiles they played might not actually be a real word, just type in the combination of letters they put down into our Scrabble dictionary to see if they really deserve to rack up those points.

Tips and Tricks: Exact Match

The WordFinder™ Scrabble dictionary also comes with a unique and helpful tool that searches for other strong Scrabble® GO words with the same letters, guaranteeing powerful results in every search, so that you can improve your score even more. To use this feature, just check “Exact Match” before you search. By doing this, we will supply you with every legal Scrabble play that contains it. Searching for “apple?” That will get you 9 points. We can do better, though. How about “applesauce?” That’s worth 16 points - before bonuses. So, the next time you are playing Scrabble, use this tool because the Scrabble® GO dictionary turns any play in any word game into the highest score possible!

Pro tip: Use the Exact Match trick to get around that pesky “no proper nouns” rule. If you have the tiles A-D-A-M, “Adam” may just hang out in your hand, worth a big fat 0 points. But “macadamized?” That equals 28 perfectly legal points you can use to help you win the game. The WordFinder™ Scrabble dictionary is designed to solve that kind of Scrabble problem every time you search. It’s not cheating, it’s strategizing, so be sure to enter the tiles in your hand into our tool before making any rash decisions.

Using WordFinder’s Scrabble dictionary and the Official Scrabble® Players dictionary will help to ensure that every move you make during your games will bring you points and success. So make sure you use our online Scrabble dictionary tool to check those words before you commit to putting down those tiles. Using this tool is not against the rules; it is just smart. Everyone has the opportunity to use a Scrabble dictionary, so utilize your resources in order to give you that competitive edge that will lead you to a win.

Word Lists for Playing Scrabble®

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