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WordFinder Team April 17, 2024

Answers for April 17, 2024

Number of Words 37 Total Points 149 Genius Points 104

Today’s Pangrams

1 word

4-Letter Answers

15 words

5-Letter Answers

13 words

6-Letter Answers

8 words

7-Letter Answers

1 word

The NYTimes Spelling Bee is both familiar and unique in its approach to word games. If you find yourself stuck finding all the Spelling Bee answers each day, you’ve come to the right place. Every morning, we provide the full list of NYT Spelling Bee answers, helping you fill in the blanks you may have missed. Get all the NYTimes Spelling Bee words and achieve Queen Bee status. 

Today’s NYT Spelling Bee Answers Right Here

The NYTimes Spelling Bee comes out with a new word puzzle for you to solve every day. Unlike Wordle, where you only have to find one word per day, there are dozens of NYT Spelling Bee answers to unscramble each day. 

You may be able to spot a few (or more than a few) on your own right away, but we can help you add all of today’s Spelling Bee answers to increase your score. Don’t let the New York Times puzzle maker Sam Ezersky get the best of you! 

We highlight today’s pangrams at the top, followed by the rest of the answers to today’s NYT Spelling Bee below that in alphabetical order. This makes it easy to see which Spelling Bee words you may have missed.

Get NYT Spelling Bee Help With Our Word Finder

You can always rely on WordFinder to provide you with a complete list of today’s Spelling Bee answers. That’s probably how you got here in the first place. However, if you’d rather work things out yourself with a bit of help, our handy letter unscrambler and word finder is just the ticket.

  1. Enter the six outer letters in the main search field.

  2. Add the center letter to the “contains” advanced search field.

  3. Click the “search” button. 

  4. To account for the possibility of repeat letters, try including two or three of each letter in the main search too. 

Good luck and enjoy the buzz of victory!  

NYT Spelling Bee FAQs

Especially if you’re playing The New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle game for the first time, you may have some questions about the game and how it works. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the NYT Spelling Bee. 

Where Can I Play the NYT Spelling Bee?

You can play the Spelling Bee on the New York Times Games website from any web browser. This means you can play on any internet-connected computer or mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. 

Is There a Spelling Bee App?

You can download the official NY Times Crossword mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. When you install the app, you can also play other games in the NYT Games catalog, including the iconic New York Times Crossword and Mini Crossword, plus Spelling Bee, Wordle, and more. We can offer crossword help if you get stuck too.

Can You Play NYT Spelling Bee for Free?

While you can try the game for free and find a couple of words in the daily puzzle, you need an active NYT Games subscription to play the full game. 

How Do I Play the NYTimes Spelling Bee?

At its core, the NY Times Spelling Bee is a word scramble game. 

  • Six letters surround one central letter in a honeycomb pattern. 

  • Create words at least four letters long using these letters. 

  • Every valid word must contain the center letter. 

  • You may repeat any individual letters as many times as you want.

  • Earn more points by finding words that are longer.

For more about the scoring system, rules and gameplay tips, read our article outlining everything you need to know about the NYT Spelling Bee game

What Time Does NYT Spelling Bee Come Out Each Day?

A new NYT Spelling Bee is released each day at midnight PST, 3 a.m. EST. Everyone gets the same game at the same time, regardless of location.

This contrasts Wordle, a daily word game that resets at midnight local time. In other words, a player in New York gets a new puzzle at 12 a.m., but a player in Seattle will still have the previous day’s word, because it is still 9 p.m. where they are. We’ve configured our daily Wordle hints page accordingly. You’ll always get clues relevant to the game you are playing. 

What Is NY Times Spelling Bee Genius Level?

As you find words and accumulate points, you’ll also ascend through a series of ranks or titles. Genius is the highest rank you can achieve in the NY Times Spelling Bee game. Somewhere between 12 and 45 percent of all players reach Genius each day.

You start the game with “beginner” status, progressing through to good start, moving up, good, solid, nice, great, and amazing. Genius comes after that. The number of words you need to find and how many words you need to find to earn the Genius rank varies from day to day.

What Is Queen Bee in NYT Spelling Bee?

Yes, you can do even better than Genius rank. If you find all the NYT Spelling Bee answers on a given daily puzzle, you earn Queen Bee status. It’s a title you can share with pride. 

Some related acronyms include: 

  • QB - Queen Bee

  • QBABM - Queen Bee All By Myself

  • QB-1 - Missing one word from Queen Bee 

  • QBWg - Queen Bee With Google

Humbly, we might suggest QBwWF (Queen Bee With WordFinder®) too. 

What Is a Good Score on NYT Spelling Bee?

Because the number of words in the puzzle can vary so widely each day, there is no expected standard for what is a “good score” in Spelling Bee. The best way to gauge your performance is to watch your rank and the associated progress bar until you get to Genius. 

What Does Bingo Mean in Spelling Bee?

“Bingo” means different things in different games. In the actual game of bingo, it’s usually when you complete a line on your game card. If you’re playing Scrabble® or Words With Friends®, you earn a bingo bonus when you play all seven letters on your tile rack. A bingo in the NYT Spelling Bee is when you’ve created words that start each of the seven letters at least once. 

What Is a Pangram in the NYT Spelling Bee?

Similar to a bingo in Scrabble, a pangram is a Spelling Bee answer that uses each of the seven letters at least once. You earn a bonus of seven points when you find a pangram. There is always at least one pangram; some puzzles have more than one pangram. 

Also, remember that you can repeat letters in this word puzzle. So, the pangram could be longer than seven letters. We will always include all pangrams among our list of today’s NYT Spelling Bee answers. 

Why Is There No S in Spelling Bee?

Editor Sam Ezersky says that including an S in the word puzzle would make the game too easy. So, you’ll never find the letter S in the NYT Spelling Bee. Plurals do exist, though.

What Is the NY Times Spelling Bee Hivemind?

Collectively, fans of the NY Times Spelling Bee are called the Hivemind. One of the best places to participate in the community conversation is by following the #hivemind hashtag on Twitter. The r/NYTSpellingBee subreddit on Reddit is great too.

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