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Finding words ending in the letter you need is critically important when playing word games like Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. You identified the best place on the game board to build, maybe reaching a bonus square. Now, you need a word ending in a letter to earn maximum points. These are the word lists you need, including words ending in J, Z and V! 

Still having trouble deciding what word to play? We’re here to help. Use our word finder to unscramble letters and you’ll never miss any game-winning words ever again. 

Simply type your letters into the search bar above. Include your chosen ending letter in the “ends” advanced search field. Then, bask in the bounty of all words that end in these letters. Dig deeper with words that start with letters too. 

Find Words Ending in a Letter (or Letters)

Looking for words that end in certain letters because you want to build on a certain part of the board? Or, perhaps you’ve got these letter tiles and you need to make anagrams to earn more points. Maybe the best Wordle starting word revealed the letter pattern for you. 

Some common word endings and example words of each include the following:

Need more? Of course you do! Solving a crossword puzzle? Looking for NYT Spelling Bee answers or challenging your friends in Scrabble®? Scour through our lists of words ending with any letter of the alphabet. 

Filter words by length too, like if you only want 5 letter words as a Wordle word finder. Remember to select your preferred game dictionary too. That way, you can be sure you’ll only get valid words, plus the correct scoring system.

Play Big Scoring Words for Big Points

The standard Scrabble® game board consists of a 15 x 15 grid for a total of 225 squares. That’s the same size as the standard game board in Words With Friends® (though their bonus squares are in different spots). 

Thus, the longest word you could theoretically play in either game is 15 letters long. The catch is you only have seven letter tiles on your rack. That means your word has to align with eight letter tiles that are already on the board.

If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might play NONCOMPUTERIZED or GEWURTZTRAMINERS for 30 points. Or maybe you might get RECONTEXTUALIZE for 31 points or EXTEMPORIZATION for 35 points. Realistically, you’ll probably never get an opportunity to play a 15-letter word in Scrabble®, but one can dream, right?

Enjoy Word Games of All Sizes

Beyond the traditional 15 x 15 grid on a standard game, you can also try both bigger and smaller game boards. Solo Challenge in Words With Friends® and Rush Classic in Scrabble® GO both feature a smaller 11 x 11 grid with 121 squares. It becomes a different kind of word scramble when you play on a different-sized board. 

Alternatively, you can stretch out over the 21 x 21 grid (441 total squares) of the Super Scrabble® board game. With Super Scrabble®, you also get twice as many letter tiles. Did you know Super Scrabble® even has quadruple letter and quadruple word bonus spaces? Yowza!

No matter your favorite word game, WordFinder® word lists and tools are what you need to elevate your game. Get the high scoring words you want and triumph over the competition.

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