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Are you in the middle of a close game of Scrabble® or Words With Friends®? Need seven letter words to reach a nearby bonus square? Take full advantage of those bonus squares and find playable options by word length. 

For your convenience, the following word lists are sorted by character count. Lists of words by number of letters can solve the word scramble on your tile rack and find high scoring words to play.

It goes without saying that the list of 5-letter words comes in especially handy when you need some Wordle help. Get off on the right foot with the best Wordle starting word too. 

Find a Number of Words by Length

Want to find a 4-letter word to reach out to a double word score? How about a 6-letter word for a triple letter bonus? That’s what WordFinder’s word solver tool is here to help you do.

All you need to do is punch the letters on your tile rack into the search bar above. Our anagram solver will explore our gaming dictionaries to find you every word that works for whatever game you’re playing. Get lists of Scrabble® words by letter count that use the letter tiles on your rack. Looking up words by length can help you score big when playing games like Words With Friends® too.

WordFinder® empowers you to find words to focus on, organized by the number of letters. Use the advanced search options to find words that start or end with specific letters if you’d like as well.

High-Value Words With Letters

We have more specific word lists to fulfill all your word finder needs too. Listed by word length, these winning plays contain particularly high-value letters like Q, J and X. Words with these letters are ideal for landing big plays to assure victory!

Game-Winning Strategies and Top Tips

Ready to level up your game even more? Want to trounce your rivals with strategic moves that take advantage of every opportunity? Heed our advice on how you can make the best Scrabble® words by length by using the letters on your rack. You’ll be counting plenty of points along with counting words to win. 

Short Words Go a Long Way

First, it’s worth the effort to memorize all the 2-letter words and 3-letter words you can play in the game. As exciting as it may be to lay down 7-letter words for bingo bonuses, that doesn’t happen often. By contrast, when you’re thinking about what words you can make with your letters, shorter words can provide bigger opportunities more often.

Multiple Words Are Even Better

Knowing your short words is especially important because you can play parallel words in games like Scrabble® and Words With Friends®. When you play a horizontal word above another horizontal word, you also get credit for all the vertical 2-letter words this combination creates, as long as they are valid words too. Some great examples include PI, OX and HA. 

So, by playing one word, you may get points for three, four, or even five words. That’s how you rack up the points. The same holds true when playing a vertical word next to another vertical word. Keep looking for every opportunity to create short words alongside your long ones.

How to Balance Your Letter Rack

In chess, the best players think several moves in advance. Playing Scrabble® or Words With Friends® works in exactly the same way. 

If you play a word that leaves you with a rack of all consonants, particularly consonants that are harder to play, your next move will prove to be a huge challenge. This can impact your point potential for several moves. Playing words with all vowels can be a hindrance too. 

Be mindful of maintaining rack balance. For example, it’s better if you leave yourself with different vowels than multiples of the same vowel. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a lower score in one move to ensure you have a good variety of letters and options for your next turn.

Maximize the Impact of Big Point Letters

It’s true that short words with big-value letters can go a very long way. Words like ZA, XI, and JO come in super handy. However, they’re a big waste if you’re only going to get 11 points for playing them! Save these high-scoring letters for the biggest opportunities.

If you can plant a Z on a triple-letter score bonus space, ZA will score you 31 points! That’s much better than 11 points, wouldn’t you say? Better still, take advantage of the parallel play strategy described above for even more points!

Scramble to Our Word Finder!

Of course, the best way to search words with certain letters is to use our word unscrambler tool! It’ll unscramble letters, work its magic, and provide a list of words by length you can play for the most points possible. These are the winning words and characters you’re looking for. 

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