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Language is constantly evolving and none more quickly than slang. Every generation creates its own unique vernacular that leaves its elders reeling in confusion. However, slang differs not just between generations but also between states and situations. The slang we use depends on where we live, what we do for a living, and even what we watch on TV. To find out how fluent in slang you are, have a look at the popular slang terms used today.

Key Takeaways

  • KPI is the work abbreviation sending the most people to Google to find out what it means.

  • “Please advise” is the most-used passive-aggressive work phrase. 

  • U.S. viewers of “Love Island U.K.” are most confused by the terms “chuffed” and “banter.”

What Do You Call Your Significant Other?

Honey. Baby. Sugarpie. Sweetie. People use thousands of different pet names for their loved ones, but how unique is the nickname you use for your Bae? If it’s “babe,” surprise! You’re in the majority. 

Slang by state - Common pet names for significant othersSlang by state - Common pet names for significant others

Do You Speak Workplace?

Most people know what BRB stands for, but how many know what KPI means? Or EBITDA? If you find yourself commonly hunting down the meaning of workplace abbreviations and unscrambling words, rest assured you are not alone.

Slang by state - Work abbreviationsSlang by state - Work abbreviations

Not all common workplace phrases are boiled down to a few letters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get one’s blood boiling. The workplace is rife with passive-aggressive language meant to validate a point, speed things up, or shift responsibility. “Please advise” is the most common of these phrases, with the aggressively terse “noted” coming a close second.

Slang by state - Most common work aggressionsSlang by state - Most common work aggressions

If workplace passive-aggressive tendencies get too out of hand, one may find themself out of a job. In most states, an employee won’t be “fired” but will instead be gently “let go.” In Arizona and Montana, however, employees will find themselves harshly “sacked.”

Slang by state - Ways to say you were firedSlang by state - Ways to say you were fired

Cultural Slang

Keeping up with the slang in one’s own country is difficult enough. Add the slang of multiple countries, and it’s nearly impossible to stay ITK and decipher the cryptic word scramble. In America, that means fans of the reality show “Love Island U.K.” may need to have Google queued up if they want to stay chuffed and enjoy all the banter and snogging.

Slang by state - Love Island UK slang termsSlang by state - Love Island UK slang terms

Reality TV has its fair share of drunken mischief, which can go by many names. In most states, drinking more than a responsible amount leads to being “loaded,” but in Washington, one gets straight-up “blotto.” But Coloradans prefer a bit more class with their alcohol, getting merely “tipsy.” 

Slang by state - Ways to say you're drunkSlang by state - Ways to say you're drunk

Crypto Slang

The economic landscape of cryptocurrency has many people scratching their heads. Even for those involved in crypto, the slang can be downright confusing.

Slang by state - Popular crypto slang termsSlang by state - Popular crypto slang terms

Do You Speak Like Your State?

Whether you’re from Alabama or Wyoming, talking to someone you love, or talking to someone about “Love Island,” the terms you use can say a lot about where you’re from. Every region, state, and even city can have its own unique culture, which translates into its language. Knowing the terms and phrases used in different places can sometimes give you a peek into cultures outside your own. Whether you’re expressing affection to those you love, navigating office politics, enjoying your favorite show, or investing in crypto, keeping up with slang will help you stay Gucci.


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