Why WordFinder Is the Wordzee Cheat Tool for Winners

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Wordzee! is one of the most fun word games around. It takes inspiration from both word search games and classic spelling games like Scrabble. Players solve anagrams, finding words of specific lengths. And the words you find need to generate a ton of points to beat your opponent. If you need help claiming victory, WordFinder can be just the Wordzee! cheat you need to take the hassle out of any difficult puzzle.

The Word About Wordzee!

Wordzee! is similar to Scrabble and Words With Friends in that you spell words to earn points. The difference with Wordzee! is that it does not use a game board grid. Instead, words are spelled in lists. And each word in the list has a specific score multiplier. Your goal is to find the highest-scoring words possible, according to those multipliers, to earn the maximum number of points.

Wordzee! was created by MAG Interactive, a game development company that specializes in mobile games. Their titles have earned great success; all of their games have over 300 million downloads. Many of their games are also different types of word games. Popular examples include Word Domination, Wordalot and Wordbrain. 

How WordFinder Can Help

Winning games in Wordzee! is pretty easy at the start, but things can get rough the more you play. Challenges get harder. And the skill of the players you meet only increases. If you aren’t prepared, you can potentially get overwhelmed by your opponent’s quick string of high-value words, leaving you scrambling to catch up.

This is where WordFinder can help make a huge difference. Let our anagram solver point you in the direction of some words that will outclass your opponent’s.

  • The letters’ values increase during each of a game’s five rounds. Keep a close eye on your letters’ point values. Some letters will be worth a huge amount in later rounds. For example, by round three, a Z is worth 30 points. You may want to use WordFinder to focus on finding words that contain that letter

  • Check WordFinder after every Swap. A Swap is a feature of the game that allows you to replace letters that you have not put on hold. The word options change drastically after doing a Swap. It’s important to assess all your options after swapping letters.

  • Hold onto letters and try your luck with a Swap. If WordFinder finds a useful word, but a longer or plural version of it would be better, hold on to these letters. Then, use your two free swaps to try and get lucky with getting the letters you need. You also have the option to spend gems, the game’s currency, to gain additional Swaps.

  • Be strategic with the letters you swap if you don’t have a specific word in mind. Keep a mix of high-value letters and commonly-used letters on your rack. After you use a Swap, put your letters in WordFinder to see what new words are available. 

  • Finish the Daily Challenges quickly and easilyby using WordFinder. The Daily Challenges repeat the same letters for every word in the puzzle. Type the letters into the WordFinder unscrambler tool. Once you have a list, type the seven-, six- and five-letter words into Wordzee! to see which ones it will accept.

NOTE: Keep in mind that not all words WordFinder finds are going to be valid in Wordzee! The game does not have as comprehensive a dictionary as our word solver.

Get Better at Solving Anagrams

WordFinder is a great aid to keep by your side whenever you’re playing a puzzling word game. That said, it is important to learn how to solve anagrams on your own too! It’s a skill that can help you become a champion of nearly any word game. Read these six tips and tricks for learning to solve anagrams to teach yourself this valuable skill.

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