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Words With Friends letters

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Contrary to popular belief, Words With Friends is not just a Scrabble clone. The two word games are more like fraternal twins. One difference right off the bat is that Words With Friends has higher letter values — 220 points per tile bag compared with Scrabble’s 187. In addition, there are 104 letters to play in Words With Friends compared to Scrabble’s even 100. To say the least, that changes the game.Words With Friends also has more high-value letters.

Quick tip: Big plays with the letters J, Q and X are easier in this digital word game.

Letter Distribution and Point Value

If you want to master Words With Friends it’s important to learn the game’s tile distribution and their point values. Here’s our quick, letter-values reference list, which lets you easily see how many tiles there are for each letter and which letters are the highest-scoring letters. You’ll want to remember those.

0 Points

  • Blank - 2 tiles

1 Point

  • E - 13 tiles

  • A - 9 tiles

  • I - 8 tiles

  • O - 8 tiles

  • T - 7 tiles

  • R - 6 tiles

  • S - 5 tiles

2 Points

  • D - 5 tiles

  • N - 5 tiles

  • L - 4 tiles

  • U - 4 tiles

3 Points

  • H - 4 tiles

  • G - 3 tiles

  • Y - 2 tiles

4 Points

  • B - 2 tiles

  • C - 2 tiles

  • F - 2 tiles

  • M - 2 tiles

  • P - 2 tiles

  • W - 2 tiles

5 Points

  • V - 2 tiles

  • K - 1 tile

8 Points

  • X - 1 tile

10 Points

  • J - 1 tile

  • Q - 1 tile

  • Z - 1 tile

Learn Your Letters

Point value per tile is an important part of Words With Friends play. Remember, the core concept of Words With Friends is that there are limited letters and therefore limited plays. Knowing which letters are and are not on the board, and exactly how many points are left in the bag, are key to word game victory. Commit these to memory, then go forth and pwn.

For help unscrambling the tiles in your hand, use the Words With Friends cheat tool in your hand. If you are looking for a word that contains specific letters, check out some of WordFinder's numerous word lists for inspiration. These include lists of words that start with, end with, and contain every letter in the alphabet. You can even find all the words in the English language that end in -ing. Double down by learning the Scrabble letter tiles and point values too.

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