CodyCross Answers

Blasting off with CodyCross®? Great! The stylish, space-based crossword puzzle is also a favorite here at WordFinder®. When you’re stuck helping the little alien learn about the Earth, WordFinder® will hook you up with the best CodyCross® help on the planet to solve all the CodyCross® levels — and there’s a lot of them.

WordFinder’s CodyCross Solver

WordFinder® provides a complete CodyCross® solver, just like our world class Words With Friends® cheat. It’s a powerful word search tool designed specifically for word games like CodyCross®.

  1. Type in up to 20 letters (more than even the most fiendish CodyCross® clue requires). 

  2. You can include up to three question marks for wildcards. These are your unknown letters.

  3. We will then go through a giant stack of dictionaries to find every anagram of those letters that could possibly suit your needs.

Need more CodyCross® answers? No problem. 

If you’ve got letters to work with, but are still stuck trying to unscramble words, try our curated lists of words that start with, words that end in and words containing particular letters. In fact, we have a list of word lists, all crafted with love for word gamers like you. We’re WordFinder®. We’re here to help you win.

What Is CodyCross?

CodyCross® is a word finder game that challenges you to find a set list of words for each puzzle. The crossword puzzle game provides clues for each word and getting it right earns you a sprinkling of letters added to your unsolved words, plus points. 

It’s this dispersal of letters that makes CodyCross® more than a trivia game. You can deduce some of the words before you even read their clues. The game becomes a test of both your general knowledge and your vocabulary. A little help from our CodyCross® cheat might be exactly what you need to clear a tough level successfully. 

Find all the CodyCross® answers, including the secret one that’s revealed vertically, to progress to the next level and win fabulous prizes! (The fabulous prizes are more puzzles, lots more puzzles.)

Crossword Puzzles and the CodyCross Difference

If you’ve never played CodyCross® before and are simply curious about the game, the most important thing to know is that it is a crossword puzzle-inspired game. It does, however, have some unique features that make playing it a new experience even for crossword pros.

Why CodyCross Is Similar

Crossword puzzles and CodyCross® have the same general rules. You need to deduce the right CodyCross® answers to the trivia clues the game provides. When you find an answer, it goes in a blank spot on a grid. The only way to complete a puzzle is to find the answers for every clue. If you get stuck, our CodyCross® cheat can point you in the right direction.

How CodyCross Is Different

What makes CodyCross® stand apart from regular crossword puzzles is that it doesn’t use the same type of grid. Traditional crossword puzzles use intersectional grids. CodyCross® puzzles each have 12 words for you to find, but the game stacks them directly on top of each other to create 11 perfectly even rows. Once you find the horizontal words for the rows, the 12th word, positioned vertically, will automatically reveal itself. 

Go on an Adventure With Cody (and WordFinder®)

CodyCross® is worth playing if you are a fan of crossword puzzles or word games in general. Despite the game’s theme, none of the puzzles are ever too out of this world. But, if you do come across the occasional tricky word and can only find a few letters for it, don’t get discouraged. Get on the web and come visit us. This CodyCross® solver will help you navigate through any perplexing puzzle Cody throws at you.

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