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Word Swipe is a devious little word game that mixes up Word Connect® and Word Cookies!® with some spatial specialty and a dash of Family Feud. With such perplexing puzzle patrimony, we can hardly blame you if you’ve gotten stuck. You’ve come to the right place. WordFinder® provides the best solutions, answers and hints for Word Swipe puzzles. If you’re looking for a Word Swipe solver or just a bit of Word Swipe help, we have you covered.

WordFinder Helps You Find Word Swipe Answers

This tool is all you need if you have some Word Swipe letters to unscramble. It only takes a second to find those all-important, game-winning words.

  1. Type the letters you’re struggling with into the Word Swipe cheat search box. You can enter up to 20 letters, including up to three “?” as wildcards.

  2. Press the search button (the magnifying glass) to instantly see a list of every possible solution. 

  3. Pick the word you need to complete your Word Swipe puzzle.

  4. And, if you want to find a specific range of words, you can use the advanced filters to find words that start or end with a desired letter, words with specific letter groupings or words of a certain length.

Word Swipe’s Fun Factor

If you’ve never played Word Swipe and you love trying out new word games, it should be the next one on your list. As we said, its gameplay is like a blend of other popular styles, which gives birth to a whole new experience.

Word Swipe is a falling blocks word game. If you want a basic analogy, it’s Candy Crush® mixed with Wordscapes®. You need to find a number of words in each level, and you can only do that by using the blocks, which happen to have letters on them. The letter blocks might seem like a random cluster of jumbled letters at first, but a closer inspection will let you find the words you need.

  1. Swipe across the letter blocks to create a word. 

  2. Words form in any direction, so look for chances to swipe left to right, right to left, or top to bottom.

  3. The words you find, when they are one of the puzzle’s key words, will appear in a collection of empty squares overtop the letter blocks. 

  4. The blocks you used will disappear and any blocks above them will fall down to fill the empty space.

That’s all there is to it. Word Swipe doesn’t have any complex rules. The challenge comes from being able to piece together a word while looking in all directions.

Need Some Word Swipe Help?

The game offers three flavors of hints as a bit of Word Swipe help. Tap the magnifying glass and Word Swipe will highlight the first letter of one of the puzzle words. The lightbulb will reveal the first letter of one of the blanks. Finally, the scramble button does exactly what it says on the box: It rearranges the words to help you reset your brain. 

Bonuses are sparse unless you shell out real money. We’ll give you our three key takeaways from Word Swipe for free:

  1. Use Hints Freely. Word Swipe requires both linguistic and spatial reasoning, which can be a big ask when you’re barely awake and killing time while the coffee brews. It’s generous with its hints for a reason. Make use of them. Add in WordFinder’s Word Swipe anagram solver to get every possible word for a winning combination.

  2. See the Patterns in the Sand. Or at least in the pixels. Unlike most word games, Word Swipe is as much visual as textual. When a puzzle seems impossible, make sure you’re thinking both vertically and horizontally. Take note of where letters will fall when you swipe in a word. Often, swiping just one word changes the makeup of the whole puzzle. If you’re having trouble finding that word, consult WordFinder’s word lists. We’ve arranged words by length and letter. They’re waiting to solve your problems.

  3. Trust Your Gut. It’s easy to freeze up on Word Swipe. It can feel like one wrong swipe will irrevocably ruin the pattern of the puzzle. Fear not. Some truly clever design has gone into this game. Swipe in what you see, and trust the game to do the rest.

Swipe It

This is a great game. Word Swipe uses a clever “falling blocks” structure to make the scrambled words fit together. Swiping the words in just the right order and watching the puzzle snap into place is “I got a long piece in Tetris” level satisfying. Watch for patterns, trust your gut, use all the WordFinder® Word Swipe cheats and word lists, and we think you’ll think the same. 

And, when you need help with other word games, like when you might want a Words With Friends® cheat in your corner, we’ve got you covered too. Enjoy!

Word Lists to Unscramble Words

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