WordBrain Answers

WordBrain® is a fun brain trainer that gets progressively more difficult as you move up the levels. WordFinder’s WordBrain® cheats will help you find the answers you need, quickly, so you can solve each puzzle fast and win.

WordBrain® may be bamboozling your HumanBrain (we assume it’s a human brain; if not, allow us to welcome our new robot/alien/eldritch abomination overlords to the world of word games), but don’t despair. Whether human or Lovecraftian monster, some puzzles just defeat the mind. (How many Hs are in “Cthulhu” anyhow?) But, WordFinder® has all the best WordBrain® and WordBrain 2 cheats ready to beat this brain teaser.

How to Use WordBrain Answers

You may not know for sure whether you're just a brain in a vat and this is all just a simulation. You can know, however, that getting WordBrain® level answers starts with the magic search box above.

  1. The search box is ready to accept up to 20 letters, not to mention wildcards. Pop in up to three “?” for letters you can’t fill in. 

  2. Hit the magnifying glass to start your search. 

  3. Technological magic happens, algorithms pour over a bookshelf’s worth of the best dictionaries and we deliver a full list of anagrams of the letters you supplied.

  4. Are you happy that the WordBrain® solver provides so many answers, but you wish you could find exactly what you need right away? That’s what the advanced search options are for. Use those smaller search fields to specify what letters should appear in a word and where. You can also say how long the words should be.

The Mind-Bending Fun of WordBrain

WordBrain® is unusual among mobile word games. It’s neither a Scrabble-ish spell-em-up like Words With Friends®, nor is it a variation on a crossword. Instead, it’s a word scramble a bit like Word Cookies!® without the board, or a language-minded reskin of 2048.

Each puzzle in WordBrain has an even number of squares stacked on top of each other. And these squares all have letters printed on them. What you need to do is connect those letters together to create words. The thing is, they can’t be just any word.

A WordBrain puzzle will always have at least one target word it wants you to find. The game will simply reject any other words you find. To win in this word finder game, you need the vocabulary to find every word that might be the answer. Or you can use our WordBrain® solver. We think that sounds much easier.

How to Play WordBrain

Like so many great word games, WordBrain® is effortless to learn and demanding to master. 

  1. To play, simply find the hidden words. 

  2. Swipe a continuous path horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the letters to spell out the word. 

  3. The letter blocks you used will disappear, causing any blocks above them to fall down. This will change the patterns of the random letters and force you to find new words with them.

  4. The more you spell, the more challenging the words get. It’s a beautifully simple concept, and deceptively tough. (Don’t worry though. “Deceptively tough” is where WordFinder® comes in with some WordBrain® help.)

Avoid the WordBrain Headaches

It’s safe to say we here at WordFinder® know a thing or two about solving brain teasers. Our tone may be silly and our job may be games, but believe it or not, we’re serious about sharing what we know. It’s WordFinder®’s job to unscramble words and deliver the best WordBrain® and WordBrain 2 cheats and answers to you.

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