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AI isn’t human, so it doesn’t know how to play and have fun—right? We weren’t so sure, so we put AI to the test. We utilized ChatGPT and Midjourney to create a new word game and surveyed player interest—without them knowing it was AI-generated.

Key Takeaways

  • Our AI generated word game called Word Reef had 82% of word game players interested in playing. 

  • Nearly 1 in 5 said they would be willing to pay an average of $3 to download this AI-generated word game. 

  • Word-game lovers were more likely to believe that this AI-generated game was produced by Big Fish Games (40%) or Zynga (19%) than AI (13%). 

  • Word-game players were equally as likely to think Word Reef and Wordle were addicting. 

  • Over 1 in 10 said this AI-generated word game was more appealing than Wordle.

Introducing Word Reef

We used the AI chatbot ChatGPT to generate a word-game concept and description, and then turned to Midjourney for the images. The result is Word Reef, a mobile word game that challenges players to dive deep into the ocean and their vocabulary. Here’s how to play.

A description of Word ReefA description of Word Reef

In Word Reef, players use a grid of letter tiles against a coral reef background to form words. Players can grow their reefs with different types of coral and unlock virtual sea creatures as they progress through the game and reach certain milestones, with special bonuses like “bubble boost” helping along the way. Below is a visual creation of the game we generated using the Midjourney AI program. It shows how Word Reef could look on a mobile device.

A screenshot of Word ReefA screenshot of Word Reef

In addition to developing game concepts and visuals, AI can also help with game play. And while the newest AI chatbot hasn’t yet mastered Wordle (try our Wordle Solver instead), ChatGPT is a formidable Jeopardy! contestant. When put to the test against the hardest final Jeopardy! questions, ChatGPT performed better than human contestants. Good thing AI has no use for prize money!

We know that AI can design a game for humans and play one, too. Now, the question is: Can it generate one worth playing? 

Playability Sentiments

To gauge potential interest in Word Reef, we asked survey participants to share their opinions on the game and how it compared to popular (and real) word games on the market. However, they did so without knowing Word Reef’s AI origins.

Would people play an AI generated game?Would people play an AI generated game?

It turns out that AI can create an engaging and fun game. The overwhelming majority of survey participants (82%) were interested in downloading Word Reef. They were also more likely to believe that Word Reef was produced by the prominent game developers Big Fish Games (40%) or Zynga (19%) than by AI (13%).
They’d even be willing to pay an average of $3 to download it, which is notable considering the abundance of free word games. And because words are more fun with friends, it makes sense that more than 2 in 3 respondents claimed they would recommend Word Reef to a friend.

Word Reef VS WordleWord Reef VS Wordle

Word game players even found Word Reef more fun, educational, and immersive than Wordle, a popular word game that has created some celebrity Wordlers. Our respondents were also just as likely to say that Word Reef and Wordle are addicting.

The appeal of AI generated gamesThe appeal of AI generated games

Not only did Word Reef interest players, but our survey participants considered it a strong competitor against popular word games. We also discovered the following:

  • Wordlers were 33% more likely than non-Wordle players to be interested in paying to download Word Reef.

  • Women were 12% more likely than men to be interested in playing Word Reef. 

  • Men and women were equally as likely to pay to download Word Reef (19%). 

  • Word-game players said Wordle (54%) is more strategic than Word Reef (46%). 

Will AI Take Over the World (of Games)?

If you’re like most of the word game players we surveyed and are tempted to download Word Reef, that’s a testament to the scarily sapient power of AI. Although Word Reef is just a concept, the survey proves that robots know a thing or two about having fun—even if they can’t experience it the same way we do. For now, AI is most commonly used for yielding answers and drafting replies. However, there might be a future in which AI also contributes creatively.


We surveyed 1,010 word-game players to gather their perceptions about the AI-generated game, Word Reef. The game concept was generated by ChatGPT, and the underwater imagery was generated by Midjourney.

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