5-Letter Wordle Words With the Same Letter Twice

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Do you need a five-letter word with duplicate letters for a specific reason? Perhaps you’re looking for the best word to play in a tricky Wordle puzzle or have doubles of one letter on your Scrabble tile rack. Whatever the case may be, we have a list of words to suggest and some tips on how to find more on your own.

The most commonly repeated letters in English are A, E, L, O, R, S and T. That’s why it’s worth studying and memorizing appropriate words with duplicates of these letters in particular. 

Words With Two A’s

Words with A are already common. So, it comes as no surprise that five-letter words with double A’s show up often as well.

  • Again

  • Algae

  • Apart

  • Arena

  • Aroma

  • Awake

  • Award

  • Basal

  • Canal

  • Carat

  • Fauna

  • Gamma

  • Koala

  • Madam

  • Mamma

  • Nasal

  • Plaza

  • Radar

  • Salad

  • Sauna

Words With Two E’s

The letter E is the most used letter in the alphabet. As such, WordFinder’s list of double-E words with five letters is remarkably numerous indeed. 

  • Agree

  • Beefy

  • Cease

  • Creek

  • Dense

  • Eerie

  • Enemy

  • Femme

  • Genie

  • Green

  • Hedge

  • Jewel

  • Leech

  • Melee

  • Never

  • Peace

  • Queue

  • Renew

  • Segue

  • Seven

  • Tease

  • Teeth

  • Weave

  • Wheel

Words With Two L’s

When looking for ways to play two L’s, you need to remember that words with L will almost always pair the L’s next to each other in a word. That’s true for five-letter words with the same letter twice too.

  • Alley

  • Allow

  • Belly

  • Chill

  • Drill

  • Fella

  • Grill

  • Gully

  • Hello

  • Idyll

  • Jolly

  • Knoll

  • Legal

  • Lowly

  • Quill

  • Silly

  • Skill

  • Troll

  • Villa

  • Willy

Words With Two O’s

Of the three vowels listed here, O has the fewest examples of repeated letters in words. Duplicate O’s often pair together, but you should never ignore the potential for words with O to separate them by one or more other letters.

  • Aloof

  • Bongo

  • Booze

  • Cocoa

  • Color

  • Donor

  • Droop

  • Floor

  • Goose

  • Honor

  • Moose

  • Moron

  • Onion

  • Photo

  • Proof

  • Robot

  • Roost

  • Shoot

  • Tooth

  • Wooly

Words With Two R’s

The letter R has a lot of utility. It can regularly appear at the beginning, middle or end of a word, and duplicates often come as connected pairs. You’ll see that in this list of five-letter words with R twice.

  • Armor

  • Berry

  • Carry

  • Drier

  • Dryer

  • Error

  • Furry

  • Harry

  • Myrrh

  • Prior

  • Rarer

  • Razor

  • Rerun

  • Retro

  • River

  • Ruler

  • Rumor

  • Sorry

  • Truer

  • Worry

Words With Two S’s

Words with the letter S are usually easy to figure out. A double S in the middle or at the end of a five-letter word is typical. If you're looking for words with the same letter twice, a couple of S's is pretty common.

  • Abyss

  • Asset

  • Basis

  • Bless

  • Chess

  • Cross

  • Dress

  • Essay

  • Floss

  • Glass

  • Guess

  • Issue

  • Lasso

  • Mossy

  • Press

  • Shush

  • Sissy

  • Smash

  • Sushi

  • Truss

Words With Two T’s

Words with T are very similar to five-letter words with R or S. The letter T has a lot of versatility, and it can show up just about anywhere in a word.

  • Attic

  • Bitty

  • Catty

  • Ditto

  • Fatty

  • Jetty

  • Kitty

  • Motto

  • Nutty

  • Otter

  • Petty

  • Start

  • Stout

  • Taint

  • Tasty

  • Tenth

  • Total

  • Trust

  • Utter

  • Witty

How to Find More Wordle Words

The words above are common and useful in nearly any word game, especially games like Wordle. In fact, keeping your eye out for double letters is one of the best Wordle hints to keep in mind. Of course, there are many, many more five-letter words out there. And if you’re looking for more, we have a few resources that can help you.

  • WordFinder tool: A quick trip to our homepage will take you to our main word finder tool. Type in the letters you have to use, along with up to three “?” for wildcards. Then, add “5” to the “Length” box in the advanced search options. This will provide you with all the five-letter words that use your specified letters.

  • Wordle Solver: If you’re playing Wordle and need help coming up with a word, this solver should be your go-to option. Simply input the letters you know in the “correct position” or “includes” fields, and then add the letters you want to exclude to the bottom field. The handy tool will find you every potential Wordle answer that matches your search.

  • Five-Letter Words list: If you’d prefer to search through a more complete list of words to find one that sticks out to you, you can use this list. It defaults to showing every five-letter word for games like Scrabble and Words With Friends. You can sort the results alphabetically or by point value.

Vowelless Words Worth Learning Too

These examples of words with repeat letters will more than help you start the critical step of memorizing five-letter words with duplicate letters. And the links above will allow you to find any word not listed here. But, if you would still like some more specific words to research, we suggest studying the words without vowels. There aren’t many of them, but they do exist. And your understanding of them can decide whether you win or lose your next match in Words With Friends or your next daily Wordle. 

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