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Finding the correct answer to win at Wordle every day is a great way to start your morning. That is, until you get stuck. If you know you need five-letter words starting with P and ending in E, you’ve still got three letters to go. As it turns out, there are no fewer than 140 valid Wordle words fitting that green square combination. Keep your streak alive with this comprehensive word list.

Five-Letter Words Starting With PR and Ending in E

According to The New York Times, one of the best first words for Wordle in hard mode is “tripe.” Start your game with “tripe” and you’re well on your way to finding 5-letter words that start with P and end in E, especially if the common consonant blend PR comes into play. Probe further to unlock your prize.

  • prase

  • prate

  • preke

  • prese

  • preve

  • price

  • pride

  • prime

  • prise

  • prize

  • probe

  • proke

  • prole

  • prone

  • prore

  • prose

  • prove

  • prude

  • prune

  • pryse

Five-Letter Words That Start With PH or PL

Of course, PR isn’t the only way that words starting with P can fit a consonant in the second spot. In the world of consonant blends and consonant digraphs, words starting with PH and PL are plentiful. Don’t phone it in! You’ll find your place soon enough.

  • phage

  • phare

  • phase

  • pheme

  • phene

  • phese

  • phobe

  • phone

  • phyle

  • place

  • plage

  • plane

  • plate

  • plebe

  • plene

  • ploce

  • plore

  • ploye

  • pluke

  • plume

  • plute

Wordle Words That Start With PA and Ending in E

If you follow standard Wordle strategy, then you’ll figure out pretty quickly that you want words that end in E. Of course, you need to figure out the remaining four letters if you want to win! If you know you need five-letter words starting with P and ending in E, including the second most common vowel — the letter A — is a great way to go, padre.

  • padle

  • padre

  • pagle

  • pagne

  • paipe

  • paire

  • paise

  • pance

  • panne

  • parae

  • parge

  • parle

  • parse

  • parte

  • parve

  • passe

  • paste

  • patee

  • patte

  • pause

  • pavie

  • payee

Wordle Words Starting With PE and Ending in E

You’ve likely figured out by now that Wordle answers follow certain rules. They’ll never be simple plurals ending in S, for example. Another rule to keep in mind is that letters can repeat in Wordle. Just because you see it’s a five-letter word ending in E doesn’t eliminate the possibility of another E elsewhere in the word. Sip on some pekoe and don’t let the Wordle answer peeve you today!  

  • peace

  • peage

  • peake

  • peare

  • pease

  • peaze

  • pecke

  • peece

  • peepe

  • peeve

  • peine

  • peise

  • peize

  • pekoe

  • pence

  • penie

  • penne

  • pense

  • peple

  • perae

  • perce

  • perle

  • perne

  • perse

  • perve

  • petre

  • pewee

  • peyse

Wordle Words Starting With PO and Ending in E

Continuing down the path of vowels for words starting with P and ending in E, the third most common possibilities are Wordle words starting with PO. Maintain your poise with absolute powre? (Yes, that’s a valid Wordle word and not a typo.)  

  • poake

  • poche

  • podge

  • poete

  • pogge

  • pogue

  • poire

  • poise

  • pokie

  • polje

  • pombe

  • pomme

  • ponce

  • poove

  • porae

  • porge

  • porte

  • posse

  • poste

  • potae

  • pouce

  • pouke

  • poule

  • poupe

  • powie

  • powre

  • poyse

More 5-Letter Words That Start With P and End in E

As you identify more green and yellow squares, you can refine the results in our handy Wordle solver. From words that start with P and end in E to just a bit more information, it just might pique your interest like a pixie holding a purse! 

  • piece

  • pilae

  • pince

  • pinge

  • pioye

  • pique

  • pirre

  • piste

  • pixie

  • psoae

  • ptype

  • pudge

  • pulse

  • pumie

  • punce

  • pupae

  • puree

  • purge

  • purre

  • purse

  • pusle

  • pyxie

Daily Wordle Help to Keep Your Streak Alive

The Wordle editor at The New York Times certainly likes to keep players on their toes! You’re not going to let them get the best of you and end your winning streak, are you? Of course not! And we’re here to help with Wordle hints each and every day to point you in the right direction. 

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