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Every year in February, everyone’s minds turn to matters of the heart. We think of love, relationships and our hopes for meeting someone special. But that’s no reason to ignore our first great love: word games. There are plenty of love-filled words that are playable in Scrabble, Words With Friends and other games. Take a look at the Valentine’s Day word list below to find some romantic words you’d love to play on the game board.


AMOUR refers to an ongoing love affair between two people. It can apply to any passionate, romantic relationship, but people often use the word to indicate more illicit ones. “Amour” also happens to be one of the best first words to play in Wordle

  • Scrabble score: 7 points

  • Words With Friends score: 9 points

  • Example: “She was excited to finally have a night alone with her new amour.”


When trying to express your love or impress a date, a reliable option is to offer them a BOUQUET. The carefully arranged cluster of flowers showcases their beauty and is meant to reflect how you see the person you gave them to.

  • Scrabble score: 18 points

  • Words With Friends score: 21 points

  • Example: “I bought a bouquet of flowers for our anniversary yesterday, but I may have completely forgotten about her allergies.”

Bouquet definition with visualBouquet definition with visual


In Greek mythology, CUPID is the god of love and the son of Venus. He is often depicted as a cherub with wings who carries a bow and quiver full of love arrows. In a lot of popular media, Cupid’s role is to use his arrows to make people fall in love with each other.

  • Scrabble score: 10 points

  • Words With Friends score: 13 points

  • Example: “My aunt is trying to play Cupid and convince me to go out with the weird guy that lives next door.” 


DARLING is the 7-letter word to use when you greatly prefer or adore something or someone. It makes sense, then, that it would also become a nickname that someone might give to their loved one.

  • Scrabble score: 9 points

  • Words With Friends score: 12 points

  • Example: “Darling, what do you think about us going to the basketball game for Valentine’s Day this year?”


When someone finally proposes to someone else, and the person asked says “yes,” those two are now ENGAGED. The word means to be committed or preoccupied with something. When you are engaged to a person, you are committed to marrying them and preoccupied with all of the work that the wedding and marriage will entail.

  • Scrabble score: 10 points

  • Words With Friends score: 13 points

  • Example: “Joe and Malinda got engaged? It’s about time. They’ve been dating for five years.”


For Valentine’s Day, FLOWERS can come in all forms aside from a bouquet. Roses are some of the most important flowers associated with the holiday and are a common theme for it. The deep reds and bright whites of roses are also the typical color patterns for many Valentine’s Day gifts and outfits.

  • Scrabble score: 13 points

  • Words With Friends score: 14 points

  • Example: “He got me some flowers for our anniversary. I appreciated the thought, but I wish he had remembered how bad my allergies are.”


The HEART is the symbol of love in most western cultures. And it’s been that way since ancient times, with even the Greeks and Romans associating the heart with strong romantic feelings. That’s why so many Valentine’s Day cards, gifts and decorations today use the classic heart shape we all know.

  • Scrabble score: 8 points

  • Words With Friends score: 7 points

  • Example: “I got her a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day… but I might have gotten stuck in traffic on the way to her house and ate most of them.”


When a couple wants to express their love for each other, they often do so by KISSING. A kiss is a way to bond with the person you love, and it provides a sense of connection in both the physical and emotional sense.

  • Scrabble score: 12 points

  • Words With Friends score: 14 points

  • Example: “My toddler saw my wife and me kissing the other day and asked why we were ‘face sucking.’”


When you see a couple that is somewhat overly affectionate with each other on a regular basis, especially in public, what you’re seeing is a couple of LOVEBIRDS. This is a common sight with new couples or couples who have recently reignited their love for one another. Lovebirds are also a type of African parrot. The noted affection between a mating pair of these birds is actually where the term originated from.

  • Scrabble score: 14 points

  • Words With Friends score: 17 points

  • Example: “I can always hear the lovebirds who live in the apartment next to me fawning over each other. I wish they’d give it a break every once in a while.”


A MARRIAGE is the religious and/or legal state of two people being together in a civil union. The intention is for them to be together for the rest of their lives. It can also refer to the act of being married together at a wedding. More words with letters from marriage include armiger, maigre and and gamer.

  • Scrabble score: 11 points

  • Words With Friends score: 13 points

  • Example: “Joe and Malinda’s marriage has been going well. It’s been about six months since the wedding, but they’ve been acting like they were married for like six years, anyway.”

Marriage definition with visualMarriage definition with visual


When someone made the offer to marry someone else and asked them if they would accept, what they did was PROPOSE to that person. As mentioned earlier, it’s what happens before an engagement can begin.

  • Scrabble score: 11 points

  • Words With Friends score: 13 points

  • Example: “I was going to propose to her on Valentine’s Day, but when we were at the restaurant, someone else proposed right before I was going to. I felt like I was going to be a copycat.”


ROMANCE can mean different things to different people, but it generally refers to the sense of love and attachment that people feel for each other. It can also refer to the languages developed from Latin, such as Spanish and French.

  • Scrabble score: 11 points

  • Words With Friends score: 14 points

  • Example: “My friend is usually pretty good with romance, but it’s been to no avail lately. His girlfriend is still mad at him for putting her phone in the washing machine with the laundry.”


Being SMITTEN with someone is to quickly become hit with a sense of attraction or even love toward them. It can be equated to the idea of “puppy love,” which is when people develop a youthful infatuation with each other and are eager to explore the emotions.

  • Scrabble score: 9 points

  • Words With Friends score: 11 points

  • Example: “Those two kids who work at the dollar store seem to be smitten with each other, but neither of them has made a move yet. I think it’s time to play Cupid.”


Originally, VALENTINE was the name of a Roman Christian saint who was martyred. Valentine’s Day was established to commemorate his life. Today, “valentine” can also refer to multiple romance-related subjects. These include gifts or greeting cards given on Valentine’s Day, or someone that you are spending your Valentine’s Day with.

  • Scrabble score: 12 points

  • Words With Friends score: 16 points

  • Example: “I got my valentine a Valentine’s Day card, and she laughed at it. The card said, ‘You are the love of my lofe.’ I never thought I’d need to check greeting cards for typos, but here we are.”

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