Word Master Offers a Twist on Classic Crossword Games

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Word Master brings new variety to the ever-popular grid and letter tile word game formula. At its core, the game strives to deliver a polished experience. To complement this objective, it also offers you an almost unmatched ability to customize your game and the rules. If you’re looking for a game that caters to people who know what they like, Word Master might become a new favorite.

A Masterful Rendition of Scrabble

Word Master, for iOS and Android, is a Scrabble-like game. That’s the first thing that needs to be clear. However, just because it’s a Scrabble clone doesn’t mean it’s a cheap knockoff. On the contrary, Word Master is a well-developed game suited for anyone who loves the game it’s based on.

This mobile app is primarily a single-player game. There is a local multiplayer option (more information on that later), but there is no online mode. That might be upsetting for some people, but when you consider what Word Master is all about, the focus on solo play is perfect. It also makes this a great game for when you’re on the go.

Word Master is for people who want to test themselves, hone their skills and boost their brainpower. You play against a computer for each match. And the computer’s difficulty, along with most other parts of the game, are totally customizable. 

Word Master Game Modes

There aren’t many game modes, and the differences between them are limited. But, they are there, and that’s what matters. Even though it wants to focus on one style of play, Word Master still gives you choices.

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  • Classic: This is the game’s main mode. Play against a computer opponent in the classic formula made popular by Scrabble. The rules for the game are almost identical. They’ve simply tweaked the locations of the bonus squares, as well as the quantities and values of each letter tile. You can change all of those in the custom settings, though.

  • Pass ‘n’ Play: This is the game’s local offline multiplayer mode. You and one other player take turns. Make your play, then pass your device to the other player so they can make their move.

  • Master’s Challenge: This is a challenge mode. Instead of playing against a computer, you try to play the highest-scoring word from your available tiles. Every time you play a word, the game will rate it and tell you how good (or bad) your choice was. If you’re having trouble winning in this mode, WordFinder’s uncanny ability to find the best words can definitely help.

Customization Options Galore for Word Masters

The customization options are what set Word Master above and beyond most other Scrabble-like games. The tiniest details are yours to control, thanks to the bounty of settings options. Make every match you play behave the way you want.

  • Board layout: There are 11 premade board layouts that rearrange the bonus squares. Seven of them are designated as “Pro” layouts. These layouts contain more bonus squares placed in more challenging positions.

  • Board editor: If you don’t like any of the premade layouts, you have the option to create your own custom game board. There are some limitations, but you can set the different bonus square types on almost any spot on the board.

  • Difficulty level: This adjusts the computer’s intelligence, ranging from “easy” to “master.” 

  • Game length: There are three choices for when a game ends. It can end after 10 turns, after 12 turns or after the tile bag is empty.

  • Avoid bad draws: This determines what kind of letter tiles you draw. You can receive totally random letters, letters that give you a fair number of options or letters that make it easy to create words.

  • Letter distribution: You can set the point value and quantity for each of the game’s 100 letter tiles. There are specific ranges that each letter needs to stay within, however.

And there are options for more passive preferences, too:

  • Language selection: Pick from multiple languages, such as British English, American English, German and French.

  • Word checker: You can turn off the game’s ability to tell you whether or not a word is valid.

  • Confirm moves: You can turn off the confirmation window that pops up whenever you’re ready to play a word.

  • Dictionary editor: This tool allows you to block or add words to the dictionary. This is helpful for when you are using Word Master to practice for a Scrabble tournament. They typically use a specific dictionary.

  • Block rare/unknown words: It is best to leave this blocker on if you don’t want the computer to use words that are too unfamiliar to you.

The list of things you can customize is truly remarkable. They are also welcome. Word Master puts full control of your fun in your hands.

Word Master Pro Elevates Your Game

If playing Word Master Classic is a treat for you, and you’d like more content to enjoy, Word Master Pro is also available. The paid version of the game costs money, but that one-time purchase nets you some great benefits. These include:

  • No ads ever again

  • Six additional board layouts

  • Options to enable hints (valid words that appear above your letter rack)

  • Ability to randomize bonus squares

As with the classic version, Word Master Pro is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for your favorite mobile device.

Word Games That Cater to You

You have to love games that let you play how you want. The same goes for games that give you the core experience you’re looking for. That means you have two reasons to love Word Master. That also means you have two reasons to love Lexulous. Lexulous is another Scrabble-like game that wants to let you play what you want, how you want. Try this game too, especially if you want to play some online matches.

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