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Cheat. It’s not a nice word, is it? Unless you mean the little yellow spotted guy from Homestar Runner, the very word can trigger a twinge of guilt. It conjures ugly images of aces up sleeves and detention for copy/pasting Wikipedia into an essay. So, for heaven’s own sake, why would anyone cheat in something as inconsequential as a word game? What exactly are the benefits of using a Words With Friends cheat tool?

1. All the Cool Kids Do It

At the risk of sounding like the drug dealer in an after school special, everybody does it, kid. You have internet access. We can tell on account of you’re reading this: WordFinder does not publish by semaphore. You use the web to play and read about word games.

Unless all your friends are a) saints, b) Amish or c) Amish saints, so does everyone you’re likely to play against. They’ll have tools like our Words With Friends Cheat, standing by to take any set of letters, turn them into words, and wreck your shizz. Be ready, or be toast.

2. Destroy the Opposition!

On the one hand, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. On the other hand, play to freaking win! To do otherwise is to make the game less fun, both for you and your opponent. If challenge and competition aren’t your scene, all respect. The world abounds with beautiful, cooperative games. Words With Friends is not one of them. Competition is part of the joy.

Conan was right: there is no better pleasure than to crush your enemies and see them driven before you. We don’t recall Conan specifically mentioning mobile word games, but we feel it was implied. Be the barbarian.

3. Give Yourself a Good Start

Words With Friends has a matchmaking service. You’ve probably seen it. It picks out strangers with statistics comparable to your own, then suggests you start a game. You should give it a try!

You should also remember that if you’ve played five games, total, and happened to have scored well or gotten lucky, you could get matched against yours truly, who’s played 500 games. At least. Does that sound fair to you? That doesn’t even sound fair to me! I’m the one padding my stats with your suffering, and even I thinks that’s broken.

Everyone starts somewhere, and everything has a learning curve. The Words With Friends Cheat teaches the game the best possible way, with fundamentals: give our word finder the letters you’ve got and you’ll discover the words you can play. There’s no better way to hook up a novice and help them learn.

4. It Makes You Better at the Game

In school, they probably told you that if you cheated, you’d never learn. They were right — about school. In word games, however, tools like the Words With Friends Cheat are how you learn.

Nobody is born knowing how to string seven letters across a triple word score. The only way to know 10 five-letter words that start with V is to memorize them from a resource like this. Want to start with those 10 five-letter words? Check out our word lists; they break down every word that starts with, ends with or contains the letter you need. You can even sort by point value. Our Scrabble dictionary is pretty great for that too.

5. It Makes You Better. Period.

That thing about “cheats” teaching you how letters and words go together? Pro tip: letters and words occur in things other than word games. All the things. We think in words. We communicate in words. We make words and the world is made of words, and this is where you learn how they work. Cheat your heart out. It’s how you get better.

It’s OK to Cheat, Sometimes

Cheating in a game like Words With Friends might feel cheap. Certainly, if an opponent has a particular problem with it, or you both agree beforehand, then cut it out. But if not? The benefits of using Words With Friends Cheat are that it helps teach the fundamentals of vocabulary and push players along the learning curve, as well as giving you an advantage. It also straight up improves the game, improving the play experience for you and your opponent. In the process, you’ll even learn a thing or three.

Words With Friends Cheat doesn’t break the game. It makes it better.

Matt Salter has been a professional writer for over 10 years. He is a gaming and technology expert, and world-class word nerd.