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Best Lit Words to Use in Word Games

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“What do you read, my lord?” asks Lord Polonius. “Words, words, words,” Hamlet replies. It is with these words that enjoy the word games that we play today. Moving beyond the lit words (as in “literature”) of Shakespeare’s day, we venture into the “lit” words of modern-day slang. And if you’re looking to win in Scrabble GO or Words With Friends, we’ve got some of the best words starting with lit and ending with lit too.

Lit Words to Keep It 100

Well, that’s just cray. The English language continues to evolve and adapt over time. Slang words are incorporated into the mainstream lexicon, including these lit words you might play in word games. Note that because the Scrabble dictionary is stricter, these may not all be valid plays in Scrabble GO. They should be playable in games like Words With Friends though.

  • Bae: A backronym for “before anyone else,” meaning someone’s sweetheart or “babe”

  • Basic: Only interested in mainstream and generically popular things

  • Extra: Excessive or over the top

  • Flex: To show off in a boastful way

  • Goat: Short for the “greatest of all time”

  • Receipts: Proof or evidence backing up a piece of gossip

  • Salty: To be or get upset over something relatively minor

  • Shade: Casual disrespect

  • Turnt: A variation of “turned” to mean very excited, as in “turnt up”

  • Yolo: Short for “you only live once,” equivalent to “seize the day”

Words That Start With Lit

Looking for a prime opportunity to lay down some tiles for a triple word score? If you’re building on LIT or have those tiles in your rack, these could be the words to play for big points. The four-letter words are terrific for using hooks, whereas the longer words could net you the 7-letter bingo bonus. 

  • Lite: An alternative spelling of “light” to mean having less of something

  • Lits: Part of the term “lit de justice,” a formal parliamentary session in pre-Revolutionary France

  • Litu: A monetary unit once used in Lithuania

  • Liter(s) / Litre(s): A unit for measuring volume, roughly equal to one quart 

  • Litho: Relating to stone or lithium

  • Litai / Litas: Plural form of the “litu” monetary unit

  • Litchi: The fruit of a type of Chinese evergreen tree, also spelled “lychee”

  • Lithic: Made of stone or lithium

  • Litmus: A purple coloring matter used as an acid-base indicator

  • Liturgy: Prescribed forms, scripts or ritual for public worship

  • Littery: Untidy, covered in litter

  • Liturgic: Relating to liturgy

  • Literature: Books and other written works

  • Litigators: Lawyers who carry on a legal contest in court

  • Lithophane: A style of European porcelain

For more, check out our extensive word lists with words that start with every letter of the alphabet. 

Words That End With Lit

Need some lit words with those letters at the end? We’ve got you covered.

  • Alit: A past tense and past participle of “alight,” meaning to get off or out of something

  • Flit: A quick pass or to flutter by rapidly

  • Slit: A long, straight, narrow cut or opening

  • Relit: Past tense version of “to light again”

  • Split: To break, separate or divide into two or more parts

  • Uplit: Past tense of version of “to illuminate from below”

  • Mislit: Past tense version of “to deceive or lead astray”

  • Tallit: A shawl with fringes worn in Judaism during morning prayer

  • Twilit: Fully bathed in a softly diffused light, as during twilight

  • Moonlit: Illuminated by moonlight

  • Spotlit: Illuminated by a strong beam of light

  • Unsplit: Whole, undivided, not split

  • Floodlit: Illuminated by floodlights, large powerful lights for a large area

  • Presplit: Previously or already divided into two or more parts

  • Underlit: Illuminated from underneath, or insufficiently illuminated

Just as we have word lists for words that start with certain letters, we also have lists of words ending with every letter of the alphabet too. 

High Score Squad Goals

Armed with a litany of lit words, you’ll be ready to bring your A-game the next time someone challenges you to Words With Friends. If you’re wondering how you stack up against the competition, read up on what is a good Scrabble score. Then, build up your vocabulary with high-scoring Scrabble words you’ll actually play. Go forth and flex that word knowledge!  

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.

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