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You love playing word games. You love winning at word games too, but sometimes you get stuck with a challenging set of tiles. Or you’re faced with a puzzle that you just can’t figure out. Fret not, fellow logophiles, as our handy WordFinder app is here to help!

Conveniently, our WordFinder mobile app is available for both Google Android and Apple iOS devices. Here is a list of all the word games it supports. Changing the game in the app ensures that you use the correct dictionary and scoring system.  

Words With Friends

Ready to land that glorious triple word score? Words With Friends is a versus word game where you place letter tiles on a crossword puzzle-like game board to form words, score points, and crush the competition. WordFinder can help you win every game of Words With Friends by unscrambling letters to find the best possible play.


Are you all about finding five-letter words every day? Do you need some Wordle help to solve today's puzzle? WordFinder can help. Simply enter the letters you want to include or exclude, and the app will provide you with a list of possible words to play. Remember we've got daily Wordle hints and a full list of past Wordle answers on this site too.

Scrabble and Scrabble GO

Playing the traditional board game? Engaging with friends in the Scrabble GO app? Or maybe you’re challenging yourself with single-player Scrabble on the web. Whatever the case, WordFinder can unjumble your letter tiles and uncover top-scoring Scrabble words. Go ahead and level up your game… and learn some new words along the way too.

Screenshot of Scrabble GO gameScreenshot of Scrabble GO game


Swipe between letters at the bottom of the screen to form words in the crossword-style puzzle above. Just like our dedicated Wordscapes Cheat and Answers site, search for solutions by level number in our WordFinder app too. These work for both Wordscapes and Wordscapes in Bloom. This definitely comes in handy during weekly Wordscapes tournaments

Word Chums

Looking for another multiplayer word game beyond Words With Friends or Scrabble GO? Offering a charming graphic style, Word Chums goes one step further. In addition to two-player games, enjoy games with three or four players too. Find words and lay them down for the most points possible.

Screenshot of Word Chums! gameScreenshot of Word Chums! game


Some people like the added game modes and flair of something like Scrabble GO. Word game purists, on the other hand, may be drawn more to Wordfeud. You still need to create and place words on a standard 15 x 15 game board. One big difference is that you have the option to randomize the placement of the bonus squares, introducing a fun new dynamic to how you play. 

Word Cookies

Munch on this! Word Cookies is a delectable treat of a game. Connect the alphabet cookies in the baking pan to form words in the puzzle above. Fill up the cookie jar with extra words that don’t belong in the puzzle, earning coins for extra hints. That sounds like a recipe for success, wouldn’t you say?

Screenshot of Word Cookies! gameScreenshot of Word Cookies! game

4 Pics 1 Word

One of our favorite offline word games is 4 Pics 1 Word. The idea behind this word puzzle game is remarkably simple yet undeniably addicting! The game shows you four pictures. Then, your job is to use the provided letters at the bottom of the screen to form the one word that the four pictures have in common. 


Try a new crossword experience and keep your mind sharp. Help a friendly alien explore our planet’s history and accomplishments through themed puzzles. Each row in the game consists of a single word with a single trivia clue. Each time you solve one, the CodyCross game reveals letters in other rows to help you complete the puzzle. 

Crosswords With Friends

If you enjoy Zynga’s approach to Words With Friends, then you’ll feel right at home playing Crosswords With Friends. The daily crossword puzzle game spans modern subjects like pop culture, sports, movies, and television. Need more help? Read up on the best ways to solve a crossword puzzle

HQ Trivia

Whether you’re answering trivia questions in HQ Trivia or solving word puzzles in HQ Words, the WordFinder app can unscramble letters to keep the fun going. Guess letters to complete a word or phrase, competing against thousands of other people all around the world.

Just Jumble

Do you know what’s even better than solving word jumbles? When those word jumbles are accompanied by hilarious comic strips too! This is just like the classic daily jumbles you may enjoy in your local newspaper, only now in digital format. The cartoon itself is the clue and the letters below form the answer. 

Word Trip

Some people might call these “circle word games” or “word streak” puzzle games. Similar in style as Wordscapes Uncrossed, Word Trip presents a series of letters. You must then connect them together to form the mystery words above. Test your vocabulary and puzzle solving skills! And, when you get stuck, the WordFinder app can help reveal possible words to play.

Word Swipe

A fun and colorful take on word search puzzles, Word Swipe is easy to enjoy for players of all skill levels. Simply swipe across the letters when you find the hidden words. Unlock daily bonuses, utilize hints and shuffles, and change the background themes to your heart’s delight. 


People oftentimes say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In PictoWords, the answer is even simpler. You’re offered a clue that consists of two images. Then, you have to figure out how the image clues combine to form the solution word. For example, you may see a sandy desert and a wicked witch, and the answer is “sandwich.” Unscramble the letter tiles and solve the puzzle.

Screenshot of Pictoword gameScreenshot of Pictoword game

Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders follows in the same “swipe around a circle to spell words” tradition popularized by Wordscapes and games like it. Not to be confused with Words of Wonder (with no S), Words of Wonders features a crossword puzzle-grid at the top and scrambled letters arranged in a circle below. Enjoy global themes based on the wonders of the world and more.

Word Connect

Uncover hidden words as you connect the letter tiles displayed in the bottom half of the screen. Choose to play in normal mode or crossword mode, depending on your preference, and partake in the daily challenge too. With over 10,000 levels and 11 themes in all, Word Connect will keep you entertained and engaged for hours and days on end.

Word Crossy

There’s a reason why circle word games like Wordscapes are so popular. They’re easily accessible regardless of skill or experience. And they can be richly rewarding as you make your way through increasingly challenging levels. Word Crossy is another such example with relaxing backdrops, thousands of puzzles, and built-in word definitions. 

Word Domination

The asynchronous play of Words With Friends and Scrabble may be convenient, but they also mean games could stretch on for days. Word Domination brings back the fast-paced exhilaration of a real-time word game. To further speed up the game, Word Domination utilizes a game board that’s smaller than the Scrabble standard board. It also introduces over 45 collectible boosters. 

Word Journey

Interested in playing a variety of different word game types, but not as interested in downloading and installing several apps to do it? Suitable for adults and children alike, Word Journey includes everything from word searches to letter towers. They say variety is the spice of life, right?

NY Times Crossword

Can you believe that The New York Times has been publishing fun games for readers to play since 1941? It all started with the iconic crossword puzzle that continues to captivate players to this day. Whether you’re playing the print version in the newspaper or you’re enjoying the Crossword app, our handy crossword helper is here for you.

NY Times Spelling Bee

While perhaps not quite as legendary as its crossword cousin, The New York Times Spelling Bee is a great game to play too. How many words can you form using the 7 provided letters arranged in a honeycomb formation? Words must be at least 4 letters long, and they must all include the center letter. The “contains” advanced search in the WordFinder app is perfect for that.


If you like playing Boggle but would prefer a non-competitive environment, WordBrain and WordBrain 2 could be for you. As you progress through the themed levels, the letter grid increases in size for an added challenge. Unlike Boggle, though, the letters disappear when you use them, causing the remaining letters to come cascading down.

Screenshot of WordBrain gameScreenshot of WordBrain game

Words Story

Many word games lack a cohesive narrative or plot. That’s not at all the case with Words Story! Follow the unnamed protagonist as he gets wrongfully imprisoned. You must then help him devise a suitable plan to escape. Decrypt the clues by unscrambling letters and obtaining escape tools. That’s how you’ll progress the tale along through its unexpected twists and turns.

World’s Biggest Crossword

How confident are you in your word and trivia knowledge? Put your skills to the test with the suitably-named World’s Biggest Crossword. With over 10,000 unique clues to solve and dozens of quests to complete, this word game offers a great challenge for even the most skillful of crossword puzzle players. 

For Any Word Game or Jumble You Play

Word games can be a ton of fun and they’re a great way to keep your mind sharp too. Download the WordFinder app for free via the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. If you’d prefer using our word finding tool on the web, we offer a great variety of word game cheats right here too. No matter how you choose to play, we’re here to help! 

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