How to Play Word Whomp for a Smashing Good Time

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Word Whomp is a fun and challenging word game. Taking inspiration from other anagram solvers, this browser-based game can keep you entertained for hours. Adjust the difficulty to your liking, and play alone or join the game’s community to make new friends. Make full use of this guide to become a Word Whomp master.

Introducing Word Whomp by Pogo

Word Whomp was created by Pogo, an online gaming website that’s been around since 1998. Pogo has over 50 games in its library, many of which are based on classic card games and tabletop games. The site is owned by Electronic Arts, the video game publishing and development company.

Simple Word Whomp Instructions

The main premise of Word Whomp is simple.

  1. Make as many words as possible using a specific set of letters in each level. 

  2. There are always six letters, and you can’t spell words that are shorter than three letters.

  3. Once the game starts, you’ll have two minutes and 20 seconds to find every possible word.

Gameplay Options

To play the game, you have two options. 

First, you can create an account on Pogo. An account allows you to keep track of scores and interact with other players. Additionally, you can sign up for Club Pogo, a paid subscription that grants access to exclusive features. These include member-only rooms, an ad-free experience, and exclusive games.

Your second option is to sign in as a guest. This is the unblocked version of the game for players who don’t want to create an account. You won’t be able to keep track of your scores or interact with other players, but you’ll be able to play the game while remaining anonymous.

The Keys to Winning Word Whomp

Word Whomp, despite being a “casual” web game, takes a fair amount of skill to complete its levels and find every word. Let these tips and strategies guide you as you play.

  • Play on your computer: You can play Word Whomp on your phone or other mobile device’s browser. But, for the best experience, you should play the game on a computer. The game and site were designed to function best on a desktop or laptop. Doing so also lets you use a mouse (or trackpad) and a keyboard, which make selecting letters faster and easier.

  • Shuffle letters regularly: Press the Mix Up button often. This will reorganize the layout of the letter. You can do this as many times as you want. Seeing the letters laid out differently can help you recognize words you weren’t able to see before. This applies to solving most anagram games

  • Try different words: There is no penalty for spelling an invalid word. If you aren’t sure if a word is real or if it’s part of the level’s word list, try it anyway. Just be quick about it so you don’t waste too much of the timer.

  • Watch the word list: Look at the level’s word list every so often to see your progress. It’s also a good way to get clues for other words to descramble. The word lists are all in alphabetical order. Knowing what letters a word should start with will help you narrow your search.

  • Focus on smaller words: Try to answer the smaller three- or four-letter words before trying to find the five-letter words or six-letter words. Filling up the smaller spots will earn you points more quickly, and they will also help you find other words you might have missed.

  • Look for plurals: If there is an “s” in your available letters, try to create as many plural forms as possible of the other words you’ve spelled. For example, if you already spelled “word” and have an available “s,” spell “words” too.

  • Use WordFinder: If you need some extra help, the WordFinder word unscrambler can help. Pause your game of Word Whomp. Then, open the WordFinder app or visit our word finder on the web. Select the All Games options and type in your six letters. 

Note: Keep in mind that you should wait until after you’ve already found some words before turning to our unscrambler tool. WordFinder will often find more words than are in Word Whomp’s lists. If you can’t narrow down which words are most likely the correct ones, you’ll only waste time.

Browse Around for More Gaming Fun

Playing games on your web browser has always been a great way to pass the time and have fun. Games like Word Whomp prove this. That’s why there are so many free-to-play options out there. Start with our list of essential online trivia games to find more entertaining games to play on your computer. 

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