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Whatever word game you’re playing, you need a word descrambler to quickly give you all the possible word combinations for your letters. So, let us speak of descramblement. First, yes, that’s not a word. We’re WordFinder™, we know. Second, word or not (it’s definitely not), descramblement is the core of almost every popular word game. Heck, as far as anyone knows, descrambling words is the original word game.

However, the thing about a game of scrambling letters is that it’s only fun if you can unscramble them after. That’s as true for finding a word in Scrabble® and Words With Friends® or working a wheel in Word Cookies!® or Wordscapes® as it was when word gamers carved on the pyramids. (Which they did, by the way.)

So if you’re stuck unscrambling a word, use our word descrambler for a fast and easy jumble-solving experience.

How to Use Word Descrambler

It’s as easy as fill-in-the-blank. Descramble letter combinations of up to 20 letters, using up to three “?” for any empty spaces you have. Just pop all your letters in the big search box above and hit the magnifying glass to search.

Our unmatched descrambler will spit out word lists (drawn together from top-quality dictionaries) with every possible playable word listed by word length. You can sort the words by letter or by Scrabble® or Words With Friends® point value.

Did You Know?

Anagrams, the art of scrambling and unscrambling letters for fun and profit, are likely as old as letters themselves. The historical record of anagrams go back to 3rd century BCE Greece, where themuru (it means “changing”) were attributed to the semi-mythical poet Lycophron. Then, there’s the classic Sator Square in 1st century CE Pompeii, a positive stack of religious anagrams in Latin courtesy of medieval monks (only so much to do when you’re a monk) and even witty epitaphs, all based on the swapping of phonemes.

To get semi-serious for a moment, here at WordFinder™ our business may be games, but we are not playing around. Name your word game; we’ve got the tool to help you master it. It’s how we do.

Word Lists to Unscramble Words

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