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You see a huge opportunity to capitalize on a triple word bonus. How can you work with what’s already on the board to take advantage? Build up your repertoire of non words so you can extend the NON on the game board to even more points!

From Words With Friends to Wordle, find non words that start with, end with, or contain those three letters.

Words That Start With Non

To find words of this sort is easy, because “non” is a common prefix example. It means “not” or “without.” Depending on context, it can instead refer to the number nine. Of course, there are also some non words where “non” isn’t a prefix; they just happen to start with those three letters.

  • Nonagon: A nine-sided polygon (also called enneagon)

  • Nonet: A group of nine musicians or a nine-line poem 

  • Nonfat: A food that contains no fat or has had all its fat removed

  • Nonfiction: Writing that is based on facts and real events

  • Nonillion: A number represented by one followed by 30 zeros (10^30, US/Canada) 

  • Nonpareil: A person or thing that is unrivaled, or a pellet type of decorative confectionery

  • Nonprofit: An organization, often charitable, that does not seek or produce a profit

  • Nonpros: Could be a noun meaning non-professional, but also a verb meaning to allow a lawsuit to be dropped 

  • Nonsense: Words that make no sense, or foolish or absurd behavior   

  • Nonstop: Unceasing, made or done without stops

  • Nonverbal: Involving little or no use of words

  • Nonzero: Designating a quantity other than zero

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Words That End in Non

Need some helpful non words that end in those three letters? This list is a great place to start.

  • Anon: An archaic way of saying “at once” or “right away”

  • Canon: An established or basic rule or principle, a standard criterion

  • Cannon: A large gun with a relatively short barrel

  • Champignon: An edible mushroom

  • Chignon: A roll or knot of hair worn at the back of the head

  • Chronon: A proposed unit of time in quantum mechanics

  • Diazinon: A type of acid ester used as an insecticide

  • Mignon: Something that is small and delicate, like filet mignon

  • Olecranon: The bony process at the top of the ulna forming the point of the elbow

  • Organon: A set of principles in scientific or philosophical investigation

  • Pennon: A long, narrow, triangular or swallow-tailed flag borne on a lance

  • Phenomenon: Any event or experience that is apparent to the senses

  • Tenon: A projecting part cut on the end of a piece of wood to insert into a corresponding hole (mortise) in another piece

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Words That Contain Non

You have words that start with non and end with non, but what about words with non in the middle? These winning words with the letters "non" could work! 

  • Annona: A genus of flowering plants in the sugar apple family

  • Anonymous: Of unknown name or origin, with no known name

  • Bignonia: A tropical American evergreen vine with trumpet-shaped flowers

  • Canonize: To glorify or give church sanction to

  • Chinone: Another term for quinone, a class of organic compound in chemistry

  • Ethnonym: The name of a people or ethnic group

  • Flavanone: A complex, colorless, crystalline ketone derived from flavone

  • Ionone: A colorless liquid made from citral and acetone, used in perfume

  • Mononucleotide: A nucleotide derived from one molecule

  • Penoncel: A small pennant on a lance, used in medieval or Renaissance times

  • Rotenone: A white, odorless, crystalline substance used in insecticides

  • Synonym: A word that means the same or almost the same thing as another word

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The Other Kind of Non Words

Every word listed above contains the same three letters: N-O-N. You could also come up with words that aren’t real words. Pseudowords are non-words that sound like they could be real, even though they’re not. If you’ve ever seen anyone write “alot” or “conversate” online, you’ve encountered non-words. Improve your vocabulary by casting these non-words away.

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