Solving the Wheel of Fortune App: An Essential Guide

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Wheel of Fortune is a classic, long-running TV game show that millions of people watch year after year. It’s easy to understand how it would spawn numerous board game and video game iterations so fans can play at home. The Wheel of Fortune mobile game is one of the most popular of these titles. If you play the app and need a bit of help, these Wheel of Fortune tricks and tips will keep you on top of your game.

From the TV to Your Phone

The core gameplay of the Wheel of Fortune mobile game closely mimics the rules of the TV show. During your turn, you spin the wheel to determine how much money a letter is worth. If you correctly guess one of the letters on the board, that amount is added to your total. You win by solving the word scramble puzzle before your opponent can.

These similarities mean that you can follow many patterns that players use in the real-life version of the game. To brush up on the basics, read our guide about Wheel of Fortune rules that are essential to master.

Mobile Game Keys to Success

While the rules from the TV show do transfer over, for the most part, there are some key differences between the original and the mobile app. Let these differences work to your advantage. 

  • Save and Use Gems: Gems are the app’s main in-game currency. They're like the coins for Words With Friends help. They are essential for buying prizes and Hints (clues that reveal letters on the game board). Keep a reserve of them at all times. The most important time to have a bunch of Gems is when you lose a Bonus Game. If you don’t pay to get a second chance, you’ll lose your prize streak. With every round you win, the prizes get better. Losing the streak causes you to revert back to receiving lesser prizes.

  • Take a Screenshot: This might seem like a cheap tactic, but it’s a good way to avoid losing a game. Simply take a screenshot of the game and view it in your photo library to have as much time as you need to make words and solve the puzzle.

  • Use WordFinder: Continuing from the idea of taking screenshots, WordFinder’s word unscrambler can also help. If you still can’t figure out the puzzle, visit the WordFinder main page and select “All Games” next to the search bar. As long as a word doesn’t have more than three missing letters, WordFinder can show you every possible solution.

The Brilliant and Essential Nature of Gems

As mentioned earlier, Gems are what you use to buy Hints and other essential consumables. This is why it’s important to know the best ways to earn as many of them as possible. You never know when your success with a puzzle will rely on having a stockpile of Gems.

Watch the Daily Ads

One of the easiest ways to earn Gems is to watch ads. Each day, the game offers players the chance to watch five ads. Watching these ads rewards you with Gems. They can also earn you prize boxes, if you’d prefer. Additionally, once you watch five ads, you automatically earn a bonus of 25 Gems.

Achieve Your Daily and Lifetime Goals

Wheel of Fortune has an Achievement menu with lists of goals. Complete these goals and earn Gems. You’ll achieve these goals as you play the game, so they are an easy, passive way to accumulate the in-game currency.

The Daily Goals reset every day. They challenge you to complete straightforward and simple tasks. The Lifetime Goals start out simple, but they become more demanding as you advance through the game.

Compete in Tournaments

Tournaments are timed, fast-paced events. You play against other people and earn rankings. Some tournaments are free to enter once each day. Returning to a tournament after losing it costs Gems. The prizes for tournaments are Gems, so competing for free is usually worth it.

There are four types of tournaments: 

  • Classic Tournaments: These are similar to World Tour, which is the game’s main mode. They use a 24-hour format and can feature a large number of players.

  • 4 to Fortune: Spell as many four-letter words as possible within a time limit.

  • Word Rush: Guess as many words as you can to achieve a high score. You also need to work within a time limit and only use the six provided letters.

  • Fast Play: These are like Classic Tournaments, but they typically only last about an hour.

Tips for Other Great Games

Wheel of Fortune is fun to play, especially after you’ve learned some of the essential basics and helpful tricks. This is something that’s true of many other puzzling word games. Wordscapes is a great example of this. As with Wheel of Fortune, take your skills with Wordscapes to the next level by studying these helpful Wordscapes tricks and strategies.

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