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Words and math: These are Scrabble’s two most essential components. Every player needs a decent vocabulary, and they also need to keep track of their scores. Often, players need to be like human Scrabble calculators and memorize the scores for as many words as possible. But, a better option is to use WordFinder’s unscrambler, which doubles as a Scrabble points calculator. Using this tool will help improve your Scrabble skills in a number of ways.

Memorize Word Scores

The first and coolest reason why the WordFinder unscrambler is a helpful tool is it can help you memorize Scrabble scores for individual words. 

Every Scrabble player should learn each letter’s point value and memorize them. (The values are printed on the tiles, so you don’t really have an excuse not to know them.) The more complicated skill is to memorize an entire word’s value without calculating it in your head each time.

Let WordFinder’s word unscrambling tool help you. Even if you know what words you want to play, type your rack of letters into the search bar and see what words pop up. That’s all you need to do. The tool will display the possible words, but it will also provide the scores for those words. This makes it easy for you to visually associate a score with a word.

An Especially Important Feature for Scrabble Newbies

Being able to learn the score for a new word quickly is valuable to a seasoned player, but it’s invaluable to a newcomer. Learning how to calculate the scores during a game of Scrabble can be a bit daunting. So can memorizing the words and their score values. WordFinder can help flatten that learning curve. 

Remember to pick the Scrabble dictionary for accurate scoring. Point values are different in games like Words With Friends.

Figure Out Scrabble Scores Quickly

Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to do the things they enjoy. Life seems to run at full speed at all times. It won’t even slow down for someone to enjoy their favorite hobby, like playing word games. There’s a reason so many of today’s game designers create games that are so fast-paced.

If you want to play Scrabble but don’t look forward to spending half of the game doing math, you have another reason to seek help from our Scrabble calculator. Saving time and keeping the game fun and relaxing (as relaxing as an intense game of Scrabble can be, at least) is always a blessing.

wordfinder scrabble word calculatorwordfinder scrabble word calculator

Learn New Words and Scores

Using WordFinder is a fantastic way to learn and memorize new words and how many points they are worth. When you use the unscrambler to figure out a word, don’t just stop there. Take a second to read its point total and its definition. Absorb as much information as possible. This will help you retain the details about that word.

There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language. Not all of those words are legal in Scrabble, of course, but there are still plenty of new, legal words out there to learn throughout your lifetime. A lot of those new verbal friends will help you win a lot of Scrabble games Scrabble along the way too.

Invaluable Point Values

The more words and scores you memorize, the more your skills as a Scrabble player will improve. You’ll begin to see options on the board that you didn’t notice before.

  • You might think to put down a common word, but then a more obscure one with a higher point value might stand out from the letters on your rack.

  • You’ll see more chances to create make words off of your oppopnent's words, and they'll be completely different and better. These new words might also let you hit one or more bonus squares that are close by.

  • A new player might think a Q tile that’s been sitting on their rack for four turns is rather useless. An experienced player, however, will see that Q as part of a potentially game-winning word that their opponent never saw coming.

  • Not sure if WAIVED or VIALED is worth more points? Using the WordFinder Scrabble calculator is a quick and easy way to compare your options.

This list of potential benefits could go on. The key to success in Scrabble is to learn what you didn’t already know and keep your options open. WordFinder will help you learn countless ways to gain the advantage in any Scrabble game.

Score Big in Scrabble

Scrabble at any level of play demands a lot from the player. They need to pay attention, be confident in their vocabulary, and keep their addition and multiplication skills sharp. Using the Scrabble calculator on WordFinder will help you avoid costly mistakes (and improve as a player). There’s even more to the importance of scores and scoring in Scrabble than just individual words, however. Take a look at our handy Scrabble score guide to figure out what a good total game score is.

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