Top 5 Sites to Play Hangman Online (Alone or With Friends)

hangman desktop game state capitals

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Often, games with the simplest designs are the most fun. The games can be easy to learn while still offering depth. And they are typically either inexpensive or free to play. Hangman is a perfect example. You can play with a piece of paper and a pencil. But, you can also play hangman online in your web browser. If you’re looking for sites where you can play free hangman games, this list is for you.
Advertisement Spans Many Themes 

Of all the online hangman sites on this list, boasts the most variety in terms of themes. You will find more than 20 word categories on the site’s main hangman page. You can find words among such themes as animals, movies, sports and science.

Gameplay remains the same between categories. You are allowed to pick up to five incorrect letters. The sixth incorrect letter results in a hangman. Keeps Things Simple

Hangman desktop game animalHangman desktop game animal offers a few different hangman online games. All of them have the same core gameplay to make words, of course. They just feature different themes. Some also have different difficulty levels.

Some themes on the site include Halloween, animals and capital cities. As for the difficulty level, a few games are meant for children, while others are for anyone. Kids Hangman, as expected, uses simple words that children are able to find. Floats a Tale

There’s only one hangman online game on, but it’s definitely a fun one. The game has a slight story element to it. A child holding a bunch of balloons is walking alone in a forest. Suddenly, he is attacked by a hungry monster. The boy jumps and uses the balloons to float in the air to avoid the monster. 

Using typical hangman gameplay, you must spell the hidden word to help the boy escape. However, every wrong letter will pop a balloon. If you pop all of the balloons, it’s snack time for the monster. Features Two-Player Hangman

hangman desktop game famous writershangman desktop game famous writers is probably the most content-rich site on this list. It only has seven themes, but each of those themes has specific subcategories. Say you pick art, one of the main themes. The game will randomly select a word from one of the art subsets. This might be something like famous writers or painting styles. You also have the option to manually select a specific topic.

Another thing that sets apart from other online hangman sites is its two-player option. In the two-player mode, each player takes turns trying to find a word. But, each player also has their own word to find and their own hangman to save. The players’ goal is to be the first one to find their missing word. Supports Up to Four Players offers free hangman games that up to four players can enjoy. It’s a good option for people who want to entertain a group of children. They can work together to solve each puzzle.

The game also has eight different categories to choose from. Some examples are foods, shapes and colors. You can even combine the categories together. This means that one round might have the players find a word relating to a color. Then, the next round might ask them to find a word relating to a shape.

Play Games Online With Friends

Are browser games some of your favorite games to play? There are certainly a lot of fun ones out there. And, you can play many of them with your friends wherever they are. Check out our list of 10 great multiplayer browser games to find more web games to play besides hangman online.

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