WordBrain Is a Fun, Custom Way to Sharpen Your Mind

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When you have an irresistible urge to play a game that tests your mental capabilities, WordBrain can satisfy it. WordBrain takes the best of anagram solver games and word search games, combining them to create a fun yet perplexing experience. The puzzles might start out simple enough, but things don’t stay easy for long. You can look forward to endless puzzling fun.

What WordBrain Is All About

Your goal in WordBrain is to find one or more words in a collection of letter squares. Each puzzle consists of letters represented by squares in a grid. Below the squares are spaces for the missing word(s). Use your wits to figure out where the words are in the jumbled batch of letters.

Every puzzle in the game follows the same basic pattern:

  1. Spell words by swiping across the letters on the screen.

  2. Swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to make words. You can swipe to any adjacent letter to follow a path and create a word, similar to Boggle

  3. Once you find a word, the remaining squares will fall and form a smaller grid. This allows you to find the remaining words.

  4. Find every word in a puzzle to complete that level.

The levels start out short and simple, but things become difficult quickly. As you play through the game’s thousands of puzzles, the number of letters and the number of words you need to find grow. WordBrain’s mission is to make you think. And it’s going to succeed in that mission.

Keep the Extra Features in Mind

WordBrain adds more to the fun than just the core game. Other modes and features do their part to create a proper brain-teasing (or brain-training) experience.

  • Puzzle of the Day: The WordBrain Puzzle of the Day is a daily challenge that is part of a week-long series. Complete every puzzle every day to keep your streak going and earn rewards.

  • Events: These are special timed games. They have 10 puzzles each. You must complete every puzzle before the event closes to earn prizes.

  • Custom Puzzles: This is a tool that lets you create your own puzzles. You can then share your creations with friends to see if they can solve them.

  • Hints: There are three different Hint types that can help you solve puzzles: Hints that reveal one letter, Super Hints that reveal one word, and Mega Hints that reveal one word and highlight its letters.

  • Hidden Words: For some puzzles, you can create words that aren’t actually part of the puzzle. If you can find 10 of these in a puzzle, you can win bonus rewards.

The Fun Continues With WordBrain 2

In addition to the original WordBrain game, you also have the option to download its sequel, WordBrain 2.

WordBrain and WordBrain 2 have the same general gameplay and have many of the same features. They each have events, and they each offer Hints. (WordBrain 2 only provides the regular Hints.) The main difference between the two games is that WordBrain 2 levels have themes.

Each puzzle pack has a specific theme for the secret words. For example, in the Weather pack, answers for puzzles might include words like “hail,” “rain” or “snow.” In the original WordBrain, the puzzle packs have no themes and the words don’t relate to each other in any particular way.

Outsmart WordBrain With These Tips

WordBrain is one of the more challenging word games out there. There are many options for how to form words, so finding the right ones can take time. If a puzzle has you stumped, don’t forget about these useful tips and strategies.

  • Anticipate unusual word choices: Often, the answers to a puzzle are not common words. They are also very rarely the plural forms of words. Keep trying every word you can think of until you find the ones the game is looking for.

  • Find the words in order first: When a puzzle has two or more words, start by trying to find the first word. Once you do, the unused letter squares will fall and form their new, smaller group. What might not be clear at first is that you must find them in order. Finding them out of order will leave you stuck, as the remaining squares won’t align properly.

  • Reset the letters: You can press a button to reset the letter squares. If you’ve already found a word, this will move the letters back to their original positions. Do this in case you failed to find all of the Hidden Words before finding the normal ones.

  • Use the Hints: The Hints are there to help. Use them whenever you are stuck. Just be sure to keep an eye on your limited stash. Using a regular Hint is also a great starting point for using WordFinder.

  • Get help from WordFinder: Whether you visit our WordBrain answers page or download the WordFinder app, our unscrambler tool can help you. Select WordBrain from our games list and enter the letters for your puzzle to generate a word list. If you used a Hint to find the first letter of a word, you can refine your search by adding that first letter in the advanced search options.

Sharpen Your Mind Even Further

Word games are, without question, some of the best ways to exercise your brain. WordBrain is proof of that. So are many other popular games. One of these is the New York Times crossword. The puzzle has been a staple of the publication for decades. And now its app version is a must-have for millions of people. Take a few minutes to learn why downloading The NY Times Crossword is a worthwhile move for you or anyone else who loves a challenge.

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