WordFinder's Anagram Solver Opens Up a World of Fun

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Great news for word fans everywhere: WordFinder has released its new anagram solver! This is a true anagram solver, which means it will generate perfect anagrams of real words. There’s a lot you can do with a tool this handy. All you need to do is explore its features and try them out for yourself.

What Is the Anagram Solver?

The WordFinder anagram solver allows you to generate a list of authentic anagrams. All you need to do is supply the letters you want to rearrange. WordFinder will take care of the rest.

When gathering the words to match the letters you provide, the WordFinder anagram solver will scour our extensive word lists to find every best result. Once it has every valid word that you could want, it displays them in organized and sorted lists.

WordFinder anagram solver desktopWordFinder anagram solver desktop

If you're playing a particular game, we encourage you to use our game-specific tools to ensure you're getting valid plays. The Words With Friends cheat is perfect for that popular word game, for example.

What Is an Anagram?

Anagrams are words you can create using the same letters in different words. They are different from jumbled letters, as an anagram will always be a word that is actually in the dictionary. 

Finding Full Anagrams

What’s special about WordFinder’s anagram solver is that it will prioritize finding real anagrams. A “real” anagram, sometimes called a full or true anagram, is a word that uses every letter you provide. That means for any word you enter, if it has an exact anagram match, WordFinder will find it for you.

For example, if you type “example” into the anagram search bar, the full anagram “exempla” will appear. “Exempla” is the plural of “exemplum,” which means “an example.” That’s a whole lot of examples in one go, but it shows how the anagram solver can lead you to find all sorts of interesting words.

Knowing the Anagram Solver’s Limits

What you need to keep in mind about anagrams, though, is that not every word will have one. There will come a time when WordFinder cannot find a match for your search. The tool can find any word, but the word has to exist first. And, we aren’t quite at the point of feeling comfortable enough to create new words for the language.

Finding Partial Anagrams

Along with the full anagrams come the partial anagrams. Once the anagram solver has found the real anagram for you, it will list the also-useful partial anagrams. These are words that contain most, some or a only couple of the letters you added in your search.

Your first impression about partial anagrams might be that they aren’t as valuable as true anagrams. While that might be true depending on what you want to use the anagram for, it’s not always the case. There are a lot of things you can do with a partial anagram. 

For example, you can:

  • Discover new words you’ve never heard of before.

  • Find two or more partial anagrams to use together, rather than using one word.

  • Find every word that sounds similar to the original word.

WordFinder anagram solver desktopWordFinder anagram solver desktop

Great Uses for the Anagram Solver

You now have access to the best anagram solver out there. But, your biggest question right now might be, “What do I use the anagrams for?” As we said earlier, there is a lot you can do with them. People may not consciously plan to use anagrams, but we do end up using them far more often than you might think.

Solve Word Games

You can use the WordFinder unscrambler tool to find answers for your favorite word games. However, some games, like ones played with pen and paper, benefit more from using the true anagram solver. This is especially true if you or your friends created the game yourselves.

Create Pseudonyms or Usernames

Creating fake names or usernames isn’t always simple. Sometimes, you want to use your real name. Other times, you want to use something to remain anonymous. 

If coming up with new names isn’t your strong suit, one option is to ask the anagram solver for suggestions. Put your favorite word or words into the anagram solver to generate some great alternatives. Then, mix and match them to create a unique name you’ll remember.

Generate Passwords

Similar to coming up with unique names, you can use anagrams to generate passwords too. It’s the same process as before: Put one or more words through the solver. Then, pick some of the resulting anagrams to use in your password. 

You’ll want to be careful doing this, though. Finding new words based on words you know can help you remember your passwords. But, using incredibly random words you’ve never seen before could make it easy to forget what your passwords are.

Teach Students New Words

Anagrams can help children learn how to spell and memorize words. If you are a teacher, tutor or parent, generating lists of anagrams is beyond helpful. Anagrams show children how letters can be combined and organized to create countless different words. This, in turn, helps the child remember new words.

You can even make a game of it. When your kids are learning new words, quiz them by showing a list of anagrams for all those words. Challenge the young learners to figure out from what word each anagram originated. 

Learning the Anagram Basics

The WordFinder anagram solver is your new best tool for finding any and all anagrams. Use it to help with games, general tasks, education and much more. Plus, playing around with the tool can help you learn more about anagrams in general. Another great way to learn about anagrams is to read our guide for how to solve them. Our six tips for how to solve any anagram, supported by the anagram solver, will put you on the path to becoming an anagram expert.

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