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Text Twist® is a fun, little word game that puts your word power to the test. Simply rearrange the letters to find as many words as you can before the time runs out. Well, we say “simply,” but it’s a real challenge to come up with all the word answers while the clock’s ticking. Don’t worry, WordFinder’s Text Twist unscrambler will guarantee you Text Twist solutions.

We have the cheat tool you’ll need to win, whether your game is Text Twist®, Super Text Twist® (which handily lets you Save and Exit), or Text Twist 2 (which adds more game modes).

Enter up to 20 scrambled letters into the search box above, including three ? as wildcards, and revel in a long list of word matches.

Five Tricks to Play Text Twist

Text Twist® help is at hand! Before you get in a jumble follow our top five tricks to playing Text Twist®:

  1. Breathe! That countdown clock is an incarnate digital anxiety attack. Don’t let it get under your skin. Even if it means letting a few precious seconds tick away, get your head together. You have a much better chance of hitting on that winning Bingo word with a little bit of zen.
  2. Get Creative! The dictionary in Text Twist® is... let’s say “generous.” It allows for some pretty obscure words. Which is great news! If you’re stuck, take a punt on a likely letter combination. If something seems like a word, give it a try. Maybe it is.
  3. Pally with Palindromes! When a word works, try it again backwards. It’s amazing how many words reverse into other words, and even when they don’t, it’s a useful exercise to help you see your letters in a different way.
  4. Pluralize It! If there’s an S, put it on everything. It will fill up spaces beautifully and, more importantly, when there’s an S in the selection tray, there’s an excellent chance the all-important Bingo word will be a plural. Search for it with that in mind.
  5. Start Small. Play Obvious. It’s tempting to go all-out for the Bingo in the first few seconds. Resist that temptation. Down that road lies staring at a puzzle and getting nowhere until a) your time runs out and/or b) your head explodes. Spend the first 10 seconds spelling out the easy answers you see right away. That will give you a feel for the patterns of letters you can create, and the larger words that will solve your puzzle.

Get Twisty

Text Twist® games are exciting word twist puzzles available through Android, iPhone or the operating system of your choice. For the best Text Twist results, follow our tips, enter your scrambled letters in the search bar, and win your next game with ease!

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