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Enter the letters from your Words Story game to unscramble

Words Story is a word game with an actual plot? Now you have a word game that delivers a sense of accomplishment beyond the usual “solve puzzle, move onto next puzzle” dynamic. If you ever get stumped looking for Word Story answers, don’t let the tale end on a cliffhanger.  Let our Words Story solver unscramble letters and help your man escape from prison.

How to Find Words Story Game Answers

Finding answers to Words Story puzzles couldn’t be easier. When you play the game and get stuck, we’ll help you find the correct word to keep the story going. 

  1. Enter your scrambled letters (up to 20 if you need ‘em) into the search box above. 

  2. Click that magnifying glass icon (or the big search button) to start your search.

  3. WordFinder® will take every letter you give and turn them into every word they can form.

  4. If there are too many words to choose from (our Words Story solver is that good, so it can happen), use the advanced search filters to narrow down the results.

Getting Drawn into the Words Story

Don’t have a clue what Words Story actually is? Not to worry, we can give you the rundown on this unique puzzle game. 

Words Story is an online mobile game that places you in the shoes (or the ends of the lower sticks) of a stickman. The man is framed, having been falsely convicted of murder. Your poor spindly stickman has gone up the river and is jammed up in the big house. You gotta bust him out, word puzzle style!

Good news for word game fans, because you bust him out by solving one word puzzle after another. We’re fairly certain that’s not how prison breaks work, but we’re happy to help. If you need hints and game answers for Words Story’s word scrambles, our handy word finder is your Huckleberry. Both the game and our helper tool are free for all users.

How Do I Escape the Puzzle Prison?

To make it to Words Story’s ending and reward your stickman with a breath of freedom, you’ll need to find all the Words Story puzzle answers. Use the provided set of letters and complete the fill-in-the-blank puzzles for each level. 

The actual gameplay is very much in the Word Cookies!® mode of selecting the right word to fit the blank(s) in front of you. You get a theme, generally something to do with prison. You drop your guy a chicken drumstick one time. We’re not sure why, but that’s video game logic for you. 

As Words Story isn’t quite as pick-up-and-play as most other word game apps, here are three helpful hints and tips for your prison break strategy:

Remember the Theme

Everything circles back to poor Mr. Stick being stuck in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s a game about a man who just wants his freedom back. Think The Shawshank Redemption and you’re likely to find the words you need.

Get Creative With Your Answers

Remember that chicken drumstick? Andy Dufresne did not have a chicken drumstick in Shawshank. For that matter, the Words Story puzzle that provided the drumstick was “meat.” If you have a logical, non-horrible connection between meat and prison escape, we’d love to hear it. 

Long story short, you’ll need to think laterally and use your imagination to unscramble letters. That’s how you’ll find the trickier Words Story game answers and make your escape.

Work Around Confusing Clues

There’s an important term in game writing: localization. Localization is when a game is written in one language, then given to an expert writer to make sure it reads naturally in another language. The localization of Words Story is… not great. 

You’ll see several typos and oddities of phrasing throughout the game. This adds a layer of complexity to finding Words Story answers, but just roll with it. When a puzzle game clue makes no sense, try interpreting it literally. Think of it as Google Translate-ese.

Of course, if you ever get stuck, our Words Story cheat can help you find all the level answers you need.

The Final Words Story

The Words Story jail game is ambitious and a sharp departure from games like Words With Friends®. We love ambition in games and firmly believe that word games can be as deep and interesting as any other genre. Words Story doesn’t perfectly execute on that promise, but it’s a fun anagram solver game and a glimpse of what the future of word games could be.

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