Cool Three-Letter Words You Should Play in WWF

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There is no shortage of useful short words to play in Words With Friends. Going for the big scores doesn’t always mean going for the big words. Sometimes, an expertly placed small word can help you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Two-letter words are often the stars when it comes to short words, but there are others you should learn. Plenty of cool three-letter words can also help boost your scores. 


Words With Friends score: 5 points

“Ahs” is simply the plural form of “ah,” the expression people use when they are surprised or satisfied about something. It might not seem like the most powerful option from a WWF cheat, but "ahs" is very a valuable short word because it uses common letters on both ends. Look for chances to build this word off of other words already on the board.


Words With Friends score:13 points

An adz is a carving tool used to trim and smooth wood products. It’s also good at carving chunks out of your opponent’s lead by letting you use the high-value Z tile. Double up that Z with a horizontal and a vertical word for double the fun. The common A and semi-common D tiles give you chances to create the word at several points in the game too.


Words With Friends score: 6 points

The rear of a ship or an airplane is called the aft. As with most words on this list, “aft” is another 3 letter word option that allows you to quickly create a word using common letter tiles. Keep to the word’s meaning and look for chances to add this word to the end of a word on the board. Unscramble the letters and you've also got the word "fat."


Words With Friends score: 15 points

Coq” comes from the world of fashion. It is the decorative feather trimmings on a more stylish woman’s hat. More importantly, it’s a three-letter word that gives you a chance to use the Q tile without the accompanying U tile. Looking for cool 3 letter words with big point potential? “Coq” belongs on that list! Curiously, you won't find "coq" in the Scrabble dictionary.


Words With Friends score: 10 points

This funny three-letter word describes a specific geographical area. A “cwm” is a hollow spot surrounded by slopes at the peak of a glaciated valley. What’s great about “cwm” is that it’s one of those rare and valuable words that doesn’t use vowels. And its letters aren’t the most common either. If the C, W and M tiles are taking up space on your rack, this is a quick way to get rid of them. That's an expert word finder move right there!


Words With Friends score: 12 points

Esq” is the abbreviation for “esquire.” Today, people typically use it to refer to lawyers, though it also describes a man who escorts a woman in public. Similar to other cool three-letter words on this list, it is a simple way to use the Q tile. And the E and S, both very common letters, provide multiple chances to spell it.


Words With Friends score: 14 points

The haj is a pilgrimage that Muslims take at least once in their life to Mecca. For Words With Friends, the J makes it a valuable three-letter word. J is hard to use in the game, but the difficulty makes it worth a lot of points. And thanks to the accompanying H and A tiles, you won’t have much of a problem finding a home for this word on the board.


Words With Friends score: 14 points

Joy is the feeling of great happiness. That’s fitting, since you’ll be joyful when you find a use for both the J and the Y tiles in a single word. As we explained, J is a rare tile, but Y tiles are pretty rare too. And creating words with both letters takes some skill and an impressive vocabulary.


Words With Friends score: 11 points

There are several definitions for “lex.” Most people probably know it as the abbreviation of “lexicon,” which is a description of language. Having L, E and X together provides you with a lot of flexibility when the time comes to place the word on the board. 


Words With Friends score: 14 points

A multiplexor is a device that merges low-speed signals into one high-speed transmission. “Mux” is its abbreviation. M, U and X aren’t the most common letters in the game, but M and U do have a lot of utility. When you have an X to use, always be mindful of any M’s or U’s either on the board or in your rack that can help you out.


Words With Friends score: 17 points

Qgp” is a physics term. It stands for “quark-gluon plasma.” As with “cwm,” “qgp” is one of those funny 3 letter words with high scoring potential. It lets you get away with playing a word while only using consonants to spell it. Plus, one of the consonants is the often-pesky Q. 


Words With Friends score: 12 points

“Qi” is a spiritual force originating from Taoism and Chinese medicine. “Qis” is its plural form. When trying to find another way to use the Q tile, there aren’t many better options than this. The versatility of the S and I tiles allows you to easily clear your tile rack of the Q tile. Cool 3 letter words like “qis” can fill you up with positive energy indeed.


Words With Friends score: 13 points

Suq” is the alternate spelling for “souq.” In certain Arabic-speaking countries, a suq is a street market. This word is great for Words With Friends for three reasons: It uses the common and versatile S, it uses the problematic Q and it uses U with Q in a way that’s unconventional. Usually, U comes after Q. If you can’t find a way to make that happen, “suq” lets you go in the opposite direction.


Words With Friends score: 15 points

“Waz” is a tricky word because its definition is not clear. Words With Friends has a tendency to include words that don’t always make it into the mainstream dictionaries. The most common definition for “waz” is that it’s a slang term for urinating. Regardless of its origin, the important thing is that you can play it in Words With Friends for decent points and to use the sometimes difficult W and Z tiles.


Words With Friends score: 19 points

Zax” is a hatchet-like tool that roofers use to cut and dress roofing slates. It’s a valuable tool in Words WIth Friends too. “Zax” gives you a quick out from holding both the Z and the X tiles. If you’re unlucky enough to carry both letters on your rack, all you need is one A tile to get out of a tough situation.

The Word List Keeps on Going

These cool 3 letter words will put you on the right path toward victory. Memorize them and keep an eye out for any chance to play them. If these handy words are making you eager to learn some more, we have you covered. Our complete list of three-letter words has all of the short words in Scrabble and Words With Friends you could ever want. Read through the list and learn some new, useful words, plus their point values.

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