3 Letter Words

Three letter words don’t drop your opponent’s JAW the same way 7 letter words might. Even so, if you’re a WIZ at coming up with words like a FOX to the MAX, you’ll see WHY a 3 letter word generator could be your KEY to victory. While it may be impossible to memorize all 3 letter words in English, learning as many as you can will help you WIN more games. Ready to JAM to the list? Read more about 3 letter words.

Words With Friends®


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3 Letter Words

Word Points Options
zax 19
qgp 17
wuz 16
zek 16
biz 15
coq 15
coz 15
fez 15
fiz 15
jab 15
jam 15
jaw 15
jib 15
jim 15
job 15
jow 15
jug 15
pyx 15
waz 15
wiz 15
zac 15
zap 15
zip 15
haj 14
jag 14
jay 14
jig 14
jog 14
joy 14
jun 14
kex 14
mux 14
vex 14
vox 14
yez 14
yiz 14
zag 14
zho 14
zig 14
adz 13
box 13
cox 13
dzo 13
fax 13
fix 13
fox 13
jeu 13
jin 13
jol 13
jua 13
jus 13
jut 13
loq 13
max 13
mix 13
pax 13
pix 13
pox 13
qua 13
que 13
qui 13
quo 13
suq 13
wax 13
zed 13
zen 13
zin 13
zol 13
azo 12
bff 12
cwm 12
dux 12
esq 12
gox 12
hex 12
jai 12
jar 12
jee 12
jet 12
jit 12
joe 12
jot 12
lux 12
nux 12
oxy 12
qat 12
qis 12
raj 12
saz 12
seq 12
sez 12
soz 12
taj 12
tej 12
tiz 12
zas 12
zee 12
zes 12
zit 12
zoa 12

50 of 1156 words

More About 3 Letter Words

It’s a matter of personal opinion how you might define what are the best 3 letter words. Sometimes, they’re common words like YOU, END, JOE and SIX. Big points can come in small packages should you GET the right opportunity. Other times, more obscure words like FEH or PYX could lead you down the right path to WIN your game. If you can unscramble 3 letter words quickly, you’ll have many options to consider. 

What Are Good 3 Letter Words with Q?

The truth of the matter is that there aren’t too many 3 letter words with Q that you can play. The most common is probably QIS, the plural form of the spiritual life energy QI. You can also play QAT, the leaves of an Ethiopian plant. Among 3 letter words starting with Q, there’s QUA too. That’s a preposition indicating someone is acting in the capacity or function of something.

Are there any 3 letter words ending in Q? If you refer to the Scrabble dictionary, you’ll find there is only one valid 3 letter word ending in Q. That’s SUQ, a variant of the word “souk” or “souq.” It refers to a street market or bazaar in mostly Arabic-speaking countries.

By comparison, Words With Friends® tends to be more lenient. In that game, you can play COQ and LOQ too. There’s also ESQ and SEQ, though there are likely better uses for that S tile. Words With Friends® also allows QUE and QUI as part of its 3 letter words list.

What About 3 Letter Words with Z?

The good news is that you have a few more options for 3 letter words with Z. These aren’t just some random 3 letter words, because that Z tile is worth a cool 10 points on its own. It’s got some excellent scoring potential. Three letter words ending in Z like COZ (slang for “cousin”), FEZ (a brimless felt cap), and BIZ (short for “business”) are even better. They get rid of difficult letters like C, F and B for even more points.

Some other Z words you can play include:

  • ADZ: A tool similar to an axe with an arched blade

  • CUZ: Informal version of the word “because”

  • REZ: Short for “reservation”

  • TIZ: A state of nervous excitement, a “tizzy”

For 3 letter words starting with Z, you might consider:

  • ZAG: One of a series of sharp turns

  • ZAX: A tool similar to a hatchet for cutting roof slates

  • ZEE: Literally the letter Z

  • ZOO: A park with wild animals on display

Add 3 Letter X Words Too

Just like with Z, you’ve got no shortage of 3 letter words with X to add to your arsenal too. AXE and FOX are two prime examples. If you’re looking for 3 letter words starting with X, you’ve only got XIS in Scrabble®, plus XES in Words With Friends®. 

Learn to play 3 letter words using these letters not only for the points they’ll earn themselves, but also to make room on your rack for more bingo-friendly letter tiles. Rack management is super important if you want to win.

Cool 3 Letter Words 

Go ahead and giggle when you play funny 3 letter words like COX and CWM. They’re perfectly innocent words unless you’ve got your head in the gutter. And then you’ve got cool 3 letter words with J like JIN, JUN and JIB. You just might dance a JIG when you JOT down words like those. You can try 3 letter words ending in J too, like HAJ and TAJ

Playing 3 letter words with V can be just as fun, particularly when you VOW to VEX your competition with bristling VIM. That means energy and enthusiasm. Enjoy an AVO (avocado) as REV up and VIE for victory VIA strategic three letter words.

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