Find Words With Friends Players: A List of Options

find words with friends players

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Do you love to play Words With Friends? Is the “With Friends” part giving you some trouble, though? While the game is built for people to play against each other, it’s not always easy to find Words With Friends players you actually like and enjoy competing with. To expand your Words With Friends players list, follow this guide through the best options for how to do just that.

Use the In-Game Chat

Since Words With Friends is all about knowing the person you’re playing with, the game’s developers added a chat function. Unless your opponent has their chat functionality disabled, you can message them to start a conversation. Hopefully, this can lead to a new friend with whom you can play games at any time.

Though, if you do try to chat with your opponent, be very cautious about interacting with scammers or other fake accounts. Anyone can be anonymous on Words With Friends if they want, which means it’s easy for them to pretend to be someone they’re not. Just make sure the person you’re talking with seems legitimate before you ask them to be friends.

Take a Words With Friends Screenshot

Did you play a random game with someone you didn’t think too much about at first, but after the game, you realized you wish you had asked them to be friends? And now you can’t remember their name and can’t find them again? This is always a pain, but if you want to play it safe, there’s an easy way to look someone up after a game before you message them: Take a screenshot of your game.

Make taking a screenshot a habit if you need to. That way, if you’re playing a bunch of games at once and lose track of who it was that you wanted to add as a friend, you can go to your collection of screenshots and find them. This method takes some work, but it’s a reliable option for figuring out how to find someone on Words With Friends 2.

Compete in Words With Friends Events

If you play a lot of Words With Friends but don't compete in many of the events or tournaments the game offers, you might want to consider changing that. When you play in more active events, you get in contact with more people in a shorter period of time. That’s only going to increase your chances of finding Words With Friends players you want to regularly talk to and play with.

Plus, the people who join those events are typically more enthusiastic about meeting and playing against other people, just like you. They want to play as much of the game as they can, and are hoping that the other players who joined the event feel the same way. This is a great way to build up a Words With Friends players list with similar interests. You can also share tips on how to find words to play in the game too.

Explore WWF Groups on Social Media

In today’s tech-focused world, this option will probably serve you the best. We meet everyone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such sites. We find the businesses we want to buy from and the events we want to go to. That’s why using these sites is one of the best ways to find Words With Friends players.

For finding people quickly, your best options are to visit Facebook and Reddit. Facebook groups, such as Words with Friends Players and Words With Friends Fans are good starting points. They can put you in contact with people looking to play. And subreddits like r/WordsWithFriends are good places to meet people who want to discuss the game on a deeper level. 

Use Word of Mouth

As with anything you’re ever looking for, few strategies are as immediately effective as asking the people you already know. You already like your friends because you have things in common with them. Who’s to say they might not share another interest, like playing Words With Friends?

And if your friends don’t play, they might still know someone who does. That might be another friend you don’t know or perhaps a family member who’s been playing the game for years. It never hurts to ask people if they or someone they know are Words With Friends players. Their answers might surprise you.

Be Ready to Face Your New Friends

Once your Words With Friends players list is full, you need to be ready to compete with everyone. Finding other avid players means that you’ll also find a lot of very skilled players. To make sure you can keep up with those talented players, you’ll need to learn the best strategies for finding words from letters and winning the game. Our guide for how to win every game of Words With Friends can help you with that. The strategies and tips you’ll find in it will put you on the right track toward victory.

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