Jeopardy App FAQs for Aspiring World Tour Champions

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Do you love trivia games? Do you watch every episode of Jeopardy! on TV? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you’ll love the Jeopardy! app. It’s the perfect mobile companion for any serious Jeopardy! fan. And, if you really are one of those fans, then it’s a smart move to learn crucial details about the app. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what this handy Jeopardy! game app guide is for. It will answer all your important questions.

What Are the Jeopardy App Game Modes?

The first thing to do while playing the Jeopardy! game app is familiarize yourself with the game modes. These are where the action happens and where you earn all of the prizes and rewards.

  • World Tour: Jeopardy! World Tour is the main game mode for the Jeopardy! app. Here, you play through a series of levels based on the TV show, complete with Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy! 

  • Tournaments and Events: Tournaments and events are timed challenges tied to the World Tour. If you enter a tournament or event, you have a set number of days to play the World Tour and collect the necessary prizes. The prizes are added to the World Tour whenever you join a tournament and are collected alongside the normal rewards.

  • Daily Bonus: Daily Bonus is a simple minigame you can opt to play once a day. This is a luck-based game that gives you a chance for some quick cash grabs.

How Do I Win the Jeopardy World Tour?

The main key to success with the Jeopardy! app is knowing how to win your Jeopardy! World Tour games. The “how” is simple: Be the player with the most money at the end of the third and final round. Your rankings, prizes and all other rewards rely on how well you perform in each game. 

Follow these tactics whenever you play to make sure you always finish with the most cash.

  • Start with the easy questions: At the start of each round, if you are not familiar with the categories, pick the lower-score questions first. There’s no point in missing out on points if you don’t think you’ll know the answers for higher-value questions. 

  • Start with the harder questions: By contrast, if you really know a theme and want to take a strong lead early on, pick those higher-value questions right away.

  • Use the Point Doubler power-up: When you are confident about an answer, especially a high-value one, use the Point Doubler power-up if you have it. It’ll help you take a commanding lead.

  • Wager big on the Daily Doubles: As with the Point Doubler, don’t be afraid to wager a lot of cash (or go for a true Daily Double) if you are certain about an answer. Doubling your score could make it impossible for your opponents to overtake you.

  • Pass when you need to: Don’t forget you always have the option to pass on a question. You won’t gain any points, but you won’t lose any either. You can try to make up for it in the second round or during Final Jeopardy!

How Do I Earn Money?

The most important goal in the Jeopardy! app is to earn as much cash as you can. Cash is the in-game currency. You need it for various activities, like buying your entry into the World Tour’s games. So, how do you get more money in the Jeopardy! World Tour app?

  • Win games: The first and most obvious thing to do to earn cash is to win World Tour games. That way, you can keep playing the game mode and move further into the higher-ranked levels.

  • Complete the daily quests: Earn extra cash by logging into the app every day. When you do, a daily quest window appears for a chance to claim a cash bonus. That’s how often free cash appears in Jeopardy! World Tour.

  • Watch ads: There are two main options for watching ads to earn cash in the Jeopardy! game app. You can watch a single, longer ad in the game’s store to collect some much-needed cash. Or, you can visit the Ad Theatre to watch shorter ads for a smaller amount of cash. 

  • Check the Bank: The bank is a bonus pot for collecting extra cash. As time passes and you play the game normally, your bank will automatically earn cash. Check the bank regularly to claim whatever amount of cash is currently in it.

What Jeopardy Game App Power-Ups Are There?

Power-ups are valuable assets that can save you from submitting a wrong answer or even losing a game. Each of them has a unique ability that is useful in tense situations. Before a match starts, the game will award you three of these power-ups at random.

  • Double Chance: Get two chances to answer a question. Save this one for questions you know nothing about and need to simply guess the answer.

  • Extra Time: Freeze the timer for a few seconds. This is helpful for questions that you need to re-read or think a bit longer about.

  • Point Doubler: Double the amount of points you get for a correct answer. Save this for when you are confident about the answer for a high-value question.

  • Strike: In Jeopardy! World Tour, a strike removes one of the three possible answers. Do this whenever more than one of the answers seems plausible.

What Are My Other Trivia Game Options?

Jeopardy! is the premiere game show for all trivia lovers. The same could be said about the Jeopardy! game app. It knows how to cater to people who want a faster version of the televised experience. As fun as this game is, there are other trivia games that deliver equal amounts of fun. Learn about these apps through WordFinder's list of the best trivia apps you should play. You’ll be sure to find more trivia options to complement the Jeopardy! app. 

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