11 Top Trivia Apps That Take Fun to a New Level

11 top trivia games

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Free trivia apps are some of the most entertaining games you can download for your phone or tablet. Learning new information and testing your memory of things you already know is always fun. Their pick-up-and-play natures allow you to play however and whenever you want too. Whether it’s on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, the best trivia apps are great pastime options.

Elevate - Brain Training Games

Elevate - Brain Training Games helps you train your brain. The game provides over 35 different quizzes that measure your attention span, speaking skills, memory and more. It tracks your improvement in these areas as you play and also allows you to create personalized daily exercises. Take advantage of these features to train the parts of your mind you want to enhance most.


Scattergories is based on the board game of the same name. When playing in the Scattergories app, players try to find words that match a preselected category. While they do that, they need to take on the extra challenge of only using words that start with a specific letter. Scattergories puts your general knowledge and word memorization skills to the test. If you’d rather play Scattergories over video chat, you can do that too.

Knowledge Trainer: Trivia

Knowledge Trainer: Trivia is similar to Elevate - Brain Training Games. The key difference is that Knowledge Trainer was built for people who already have a love for trivia and knowledge. The game is split up into lessons. Each lesson has 10 questions from 10 unique categories. And with more than 6,000 trivia questions and five difficulty levels, this app offers plenty of content to challenge you for a long time.

Jeopardy! Trivia Quiz Game

Jeopardy! Trivia Quiz Game is an app version of the popular TV game show. It follows the same rules and general gameplay as the show, albeit with some updates and alterations thrown in. For example, the questions are multiple choice. It also has a ranking system that tracks your performance against other players. Among free trivia apps, this take on Jeopardy! is a winner. Read our Jeopardy! FAQ for more information about this trivia app.


Trivia.io challenges players to compete in a very high stakes trivia game. You control multiple tiny characters standing on a floating platform. The goal is to move them to another platform so they stand on the answer to a multiple-choice question. You can select multiple answers for them to stand on, which splits up the group. If you get the answer right, you get points for every character standing on it. But, any characters standing on any incorrect answers will fall through them, trap door style, losing you points and characters.

Family Feud Live!

Family Feud Live! is one of the best trivia apps for iPhone. It puts the fun of the iconic TV game show in the palm of your hand. You need to be faster than the competition to begin a round. Then, you need to test your trivia knowledge to find the best answers to the questions. Each question can have more than one right answer, but some answers are worth more than others. If you want to win, you’ll need to be confident that you know which answers are worth the most.

World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz is the perfect trivia game for anyone who wants to test their geography knowledge. When you start a round, the game presents you with a map of the world. Depending on which game mode you chose, you will need to search the map to find specific countries based on specific conditions. With four unique modes, World Map Quiz will make any maps enthusiast happy. For more geography fun, check out Wordle spinoffs Wordle and Globle. 

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is the quintessential example of trivia apps for millions of people. This casual and educational trivia game takes inspiration from Trivial Pursuit to create an action-packed experience. It also allows players to create and submit their own trivia questions. This fan-made content allows Trivia Crack’s modes, events and challenges to essentially become endless sources of new trivia entertainment. 

What am I?

What am I? updates the regular question-and-answer format used by most other trivia apps and games. Rather than asking a straightforward question, this game presents the player with riddles. What am I? provides a limited number of letters that you can spell your answers with, adding a word jumble solver element to it. Think of it like solving anagrams with trivia answers. With hundreds of levels available, What am I? is a great game for any riddle lover.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is like the other TV show turned trivia apps mentioned above. Starting with the original rules and gameplay of the show, this mobile game adds new features while streamlining the experience for the player. Its multiple-choice quizzes start out simple, but things get difficult the more you advance. And unlike the real game, this version offers a multiplayer mode. Now you can test your knowledge and memory against both friends and strangers.

World History Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

World History Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge is a perfect app for anyone who loves history or wants to learn more about the subject. This game’s quizzes are simple to play and don’t take long to complete. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t challenge you. The questions cover many topics from nearly every part of recorded history. It’s the perfect way to pass the time while enriching your knowledge of the world.

Have More Trivia Fun Online

If all these games have you eager for more trivia fun, you also have the option to take quizzes in your web browser. Free trivia apps are great, but sometimes it’s better to play straight from your phone, tablet or computer without needing to download anything. Check this list of the best browser-based trivia games to find games that will let you do just that.

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