Just Jumble: How to Outsmart the Clever Puzzle Game

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Just Jumble is a fun and charming word game. It mixes the witty, one-panel comics that often appear in newspapers with the ever-popular anagram solver formula. The end result is a game that is like no other. That uniqueness, however, also creates some challenges for players. If the game’s unconventional puzzles are giving you any trouble, these tips and strategies will help you see the big picture more clearly.

From Confused to Amused With Just Jumble

You can play Just Jumble free via the mobile app. Just Jumble’s premise is to find a cartoon’s punchline. Each puzzle displays a one-panel comic with a story. Right below the image and on the panel is a message that gives a humorous summary of the scene above. 

The last part of the message is always blank. You need to find words by using specific letters the game provides. Select the letters in the correct order, solve the anagram to spell the word and complete the message.

Tips for Word Puzzle Play

Each puzzle can have more than one word. They can have two words, three words or be full phrases. Most of the puzzles are more amusing than difficult, but that doesn’t mean some of them can’t leave you stumped on occasion. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow the advice from these tips.

  • Understand the wordplay: The important thing to remember about these answers is that almost all of them are puns, cliches and other examples of wordplay. They are what give the puzzles their (very welcomed) humor elements.

  • Learn about puns: If you aren’t exactly a pun master, you’d do well to learn a bit about how these types of jokes work. Understanding how a pun is constructed can help you deduce which words make the most sense to complete a panel’s punchline.

  • Learn about cliches: This is the same case as with the puns. It can be hard to solve a puzzle if you don’t know many commonplace phrases. Try learning more about them if you find yourself repeatedly stumped by the game’s use of idioms.

  • Find the smaller words first: The game doesn’t require you to find the words in order. If you enter in a word, it will automatically fill its spot. Eliminate letters from the selection early on by finding the articles, prepositions and other smaller words. These are usually easy to guess, too.

  • Read and comprehend the panel: Make sure you read every part of the comic panel. Don’t skim through anything or miss the full message underneath it. You could end up missing some important context that would make solving the puzzle much easier.

  • Get help from WordFinder: Sometimes a puzzle just doesn’t make any sense and you’re short on time to figure it out. If you need to find the answer quickly, our WordFinder app can help you. WordFinder will create a complete list of valid words from the puzzle’s letters. From there, it’s a simple matter of choosing the words that make sense for the puzzle.

Win More With the Jumble Bonus

This is a side game in the Just Jumble app that lets you earn extra coins, the game’s currency. All you have to do is complete the Jumble Bonus daily puzzles. They are not as complex as the picture puzzles, as they don’t use images. Instead, these are simple word jumbles without any clues.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when playing the bonuses:

  • The puzzles don’t offer any help by way of images or text, but the answers are usually simple and common words. They are all five letter words too. (All that Wordle practice is paying off!) Knowing the basics of how anagrams work will make solving these a breeze.

  • You win coins for every bonus solved, but you can also win extra coins by keeping a streak going. The coin amount increases by two for every day you play. The bonuses reset at the start of a new week.

Take On the Bonus Challenge

The Bonus Challenge is an extra mode you get when you solve a picture puzzle. These puzzles are optional, but they are good ways to earn extra puzzles. They are also fun to complete.

These bonus puzzles don’t use images. Rather, like the Jumble Bonus, they only ask you to solve anagrams. The difference is that they require you to find four words to win.

Finding the answers for these takes the same skills as the daily puzzles. So, in a way, they are a good form of practice. If any of the jumbled words give you too much trouble, our jumble solver can help just like it can with the picture puzzles.

Don’t Forget About Your Helpers

Helpers are items you can purchase with coins to help you solve the picture puzzles. Use Just Jumble cheats if you have plenty of coins to spend and want some quick help with any stubborn puzzle.

  • Show Letters reveal the placement of two random letters in the missing words. 

  • Color Code Letters change the colors of your available letter squares to help you determine which letters belong to which words in a puzzle.

  • David’s Special Hints are special messages written by one of the game’s co-developers. They give detailed explanations of the cartoons and provide comparisons. In a way, they are the “easy mode” for solving the puzzles. 

Enjoy More Picture-Focused Puzzles

Mixing visual elements with word puzzles isn’t a new concept. But, it’s still always refreshing to see. Associating words with objects, people and situations is how we learn languages, after all. If you enjoy word association games and want to find another one to play, try playing Pictoword. It’s a game that rewards deductive reasoning and trains your brain to be creative.

P.S. The solution to the Just Jumble puzzle above is "a traffic jam." Get it?

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