Pictoword Tips to Help You Master Every Level

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If you’re looking for a quick game that tests how well you can put two and two together, Pictoword is the game for you. This word association game racks your brain to figure out what single word two pictures represent. The puzzles start out easy, but finding the perfect Pictoword answers can get tricky. 

The Big Picture of Pictoword

Pictoword shares a lot of similarities with other word association games like 4 Pics 1 Word. Players study multiple images and discover the hidden word that connects those images.

What sets Pictoword apart from the other word finder games is how the hidden word works. It is not a word the images have in common. Instead, Pictoword only uses two images for each puzzle. One picture represents the first half of the hidden word, and the other picture represents the second half. Your job is to figure out what word those two pictures combine to make.

How to Play Pictoword

The steps for playing Pictoword are easy to learn. This game — available for Android and iOS — wants players to jump right in and start having fun immediately.

  1. When you begin a puzzle, the game presents you with two pictures. These pictures can be of nearly any person, place or thing.

  2. Below the images, the game will load 13 scrambled letters in squares. The hidden word’s letters are mixed in with unnecessary squares to make finding the word more challenging.

  3. When you think you know the hidden word, tap on the letter squares to spell it. The letters will move to a set of blank squares between the pictures and the letter squares.

  4. If you spelled the correct word, you move onto the next puzzle and win a coin prize. Coins are Pictoword’s in-game currency.

Tips to Find All Pictoword Answers

Some puzzles can be hard to deal with. Sometimes, you can think of multiple answers that would work for the word jumble. And, sometimes the words just won’t come to you. For moments like those, keep these tips and tricks in mind as you try to find the Pictoword answers.

Watch Ads for Coins

Pictoword lets you earn extra coins by watching ads. Typically, the game will allow you to earn these bonus coins after solving a puzzle. Sitting through a few video ads can help pad your wallet for important purchases.

Play the Easier Theme Packs First

Once you have the option to play Theme Packs, start with the easiest ones first. Doing so will give you more time to learn and master the game. It will also let you earn more coins without needing to spend any on Boosts.

Try Any and All Words

The game doesn’t penalize you for making a wrong guess. And if your guess is only one letter off, the game will tell you so. This can help narrow down your answer more often than you might think.

Get the WordFinder app

Download the WordFinder app and use it whenever you don’t have enough coins to buy boosts or are trying to save your coins to buy more Packs. Pictoword answers are just a few taps away.

Use Our Online Unscrambler

Enter a puzzle’s letters into our word unscrambler tool. With the advanced search options, you can limit answers based on the hidden word’s length too. Find the word that matches the pictures and type that into Pictoword.

Get Some Extra Help With Boosts

Boosts are optional helping tools to reduce or eliminate the difficulty of certain puzzles. You need to spend a certain amount of coins each time you activate one of them.

  • Remove a Letter erases one of the letters from the scrambled letter squares.

  • Reveal a Letter shows you one of the letters in the hidden word.

  • Reveal 1st Photo places the first half of the hidden word beneath the first picture.

  • Reveal 2nd Photo places the second half of the hidden word beneath the second picture.

  • Skip Puzzle lets you bypass your current puzzle, automatically solving it for you.

Fun Modes to Test Your Skills

Now that you have an understanding of how to win at Pictoword, you’re free to enjoy all of its fun modes and features.

  • Classic Pack: This main game mode is also the first Theme Pack. With over 580 puzzles that cover a wide range of topics, it can definitely keep you busy for a long time.

  • Daily Puzzles: Complete these puzzles one at a time over a five-day period. They can be about almost any topic, like the Classic Pack. If you solve each daily puzzle throughout the week, you earn bonus coins.

  • Theme Packs: Gain access to Theme Packs after clearing Level 25 in the Classic Pack. There are 16 different packs available. Aside from the first pack, you’ll need to spend coins to unlock these puzzles. They vary in price and are marked by their difficulty levels.

  • Quests: Quests are daily challenges you can complete to earn extra coins. You clear them as you play the puzzles in the Packs, so check Quests regularly to see if you can claim any free bonuses.

Enjoy All Kinds of Word Games

Pictoword brings a lot of variety to the word game puzzle genre on mobile. In that sense, it’s the perfect complement to other fantastic games. If you’d like to find some other word games that are fun to play alongside Pictoword, explore this list of great word games available on Android to try.

P.S. The answer to the Pictoword puzzle at the top is "horseshoe."

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