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As a general rule (with very rare exceptions) every word in the English language must contain at least one vowel. What can we say? The language seems to love its "ahhs" and "oohs". But it is a bit unusual when you find slightly longer words made up almost entirely of vowels. Take five-letter words with four vowels as a prime example. Indeed, it is possible to find Wordle answers with only one consonant, surprising as that might sound!

Five-Letter Wordle Words With Four Vowels

Let’s start with one of the best known 5-letter words with 4 vowels. While we later learned it’s not really one of the best first words to play in Wordle, ADIEU was a wildly popular Wordle starting word in the game’s early days. That’s four vowels in a five-letter word, plus a relatively common consonant. But, it’s not the only such example, especially when you allow for repeat letters.

  • Aalii

  • Adieu

  • Aecia

  • Aerie

  • Aidoi

  • Ainee

  • Aioli

  • Aiyee

  • Aquae

  • Areae

  • Audio

  • Auloi

  • Aurae

  • Aurei

  • Booai

  • Cooee

  • Eerie

  • Heiau

  • Looie

  • Louie

  • Miaou

  • Oidia

  • Oorie

  • Ouija

  • Ourie

  • Outie

  • Queue

  • Uraei

  • Uveae

  • Zoaea

  • Zoeae

  • Zooea

It’s important to note that while all of the five-letter words above are playable in Wordle, they may not be valid in other word games. We recommend you check our Words With Friends cheat and Scrabble dictionary resources, for example, to make sure you’re good to go in your word game of choice.  

Sometimes Y Is a Vowel Too

The word list above only factored for the five main vowels: A, E, I, O and U. If you add Y into the mix, you open up a whole new world of five-letter word possibilities. Indeed, GLYPH and NYMPH were notable Wordle words with only Y as a vowel, as you might remember, possibly to your streak-ending chagrin. 

Here are some examples of what happens when Y can be one (or more) of the four vowels in five-letter words:

  • Abaya

  • Aiery

  • Aiyee

  • Aleye

  • Aliya

  • Ayaya

  • Ayrie

  • Bayou

  • Booay

  • Boyau

  • Cooey

  • Coyau

  • Eyrie

  • Gooey

  • Hayey

  • Hooey

  • Looey

  • Noyau

  • Oxeye

  • Payee

  • Peeoy

  • Pioye

  • Poyou

  • Sooey

  • Ulyie

  • Yahoo

  • Yawey

  • Yeuky

  • Yitie

  • Yogee

  • Youre

  • Youse

  • Yowie

  • Yoyos

  • Zooey

More Words With Fewer Vowels

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with five-letter words with four vowels, perhaps you should explore some words with three vowels too. Or, you can even take it further by diving into English words without vowels. Learn all about the Welsh W and how it gets past this “every English word must have a vowel” obstacle.


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