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Staid old English professors might choke on their tea and drop their respective monocles into their respective cups of tea over this statement, but y’know what? Slang words are words. Like “y’know.” You know what “y’know” means, y’know? It has a spelling, and a pronunciation, and conveys meaning. That’s a word.

Unfortunately, word games tend to disagree. Much to the chagrin of digitally enabled, slang-slinging word nerds of the 21st century, word games tend to roll with Noah Webster and our Scrabble word finder rather than UrbanDictionary.

But take heart! Words With Friends is kinder than most dictionary-based games when it comes to using informal language. There are plenty of pop culture and slang terms you can use in Words With Friends. Even abbreviations and acronyms such as BFF and FOMO are allowed. For context, neither is found in the official Scrabble dictionary or Word Chums word list.

8 Slang Words Allowed in Words With Friends

Here are eight great slang words to throw down in your next game of Words With Friends (Scrabble allows some of them too), each one representing a different way to use slang to win your games.

  • Bae - It’s a noun! It’s an adjective! It’s both, and it means “adorable, someone or something I am either snuggling or would like to.” It’s also a perfect word to burn vowels you don’t need, stuck to a fairly high-value consonant.

  • Boo - Whether it’s the favorite word of your sweetie, the ghost in your closet or the jerk behind you at the ballgame, Boo is a 6-point way to get unwelcome Os out of your hand.

  • Cred - Cred is short for “credibility.” For our purposes, it’s repping for all the slang that abbreviates more formal words, like “rep.” That juicy 4-point C, attached to three common letters, makes this a great utility word.

  • Ex - Formally, ex can mean “to cross off” or spell out the letter X, as in “that word has a lot of exes in it; I bet whoever wrote it really likes Words With Friends.” Slangily, and more commonly, it means “former romantic partner.” At two letters and a minimum of 9 points, it’s probably a lot more use than most of your actual exes.

  • Shizzle - An interjection or informal way to say “sure.” If you can play shizzle, it will earn you 28 points for sure! Other words with letters found in "shizzle" you can play include shiel, eish and leis.

  • Ta - As British board gamers know, ta is just a short way to say “thanks.” As a two-letter word built on two of the most common letters, it’s also a core tool for pro Words With Friends play. Use it to swipe bonus spots or snake words alongside your opponent’s two or three squares deep.
    Pro tip: it also pluralizes. Ta, Words With Friends!

  • Tae - Another one from our friends in Great Britain, specifically the Scottish bit, tae is one of many playable words from English dialects. “Tae” is Scottish for “to,” as in “I’m going tae the market.” It’s game nerd for “what am I going to do with all these As and Es? Oh right, Scotland!”

  • Toke - As in “to inhale marijuana smoke.” Or so we’ve heard. With three common letters and 5 points worth of K, toke is gold for squares and stoners alike.

Keep It Casual

Slang belongs in word games. It’s part of our language, living and meaningful. Better yet, there’s a good chance your opponent won’t think to use it. So beat them to it and use slang wisely in Words With Friends.

Matt Salter has been a professional writer for over 10 years. He is a gaming and technology expert, and world-class word nerd.


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