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“Cheat” is such a strong word. We don’t mind saying it, though. This is a Word Chums® cheat tool. And, yes, it’s absolutely okay to cheat in word games! Using this tool, you can solve those confusing letter jumbles and get the help you need to reveal any and every word you can play to win.

How to Use the Word Chums Cheat

Using our Word Chums word finder really couldn’t be simpler. It only takes a second, and you have a number of filter options to help you find the exact word you want.

  1. Add up to 20 letters into our Word Chums search bar. If you know you’re missing some important letters or if you have a blank tile, you can add up to three wildcards (using “?”) too.

  2. Once you give us your letters and hit the search button, we’ll take those letters and solve anagrams for every possible playable word, sorted by length and word score. 

  3. You can also use the advanced search options in this Word Chums help tool. Find words that start or end with a desired letter or letters, contain specific letter patterns and have certain lengths. 

This powerful solver quickly scours through the entirety of the Word Chums dictionary to find every playable word available. Want only 5 letter words? Or just 7 letter words? You can do that. Then, it’s a matter of finding where to play the word on the game board.

Word Chums Game FAQ

As you dive into our Word Chums helper to find the best unscrambled words to play, you may have a few questions about the game you’d like answered too. Here’s the lowdown on the friendly grid-based word game app. 

What Is Word Chums?

Similar to Words With Friends and Wordfeud, Word Chums traces its roots back to wood-and-cardboard Scrabble®. It’s a competitive spell-em-up with a set of scrambled letters for each player, a crossword-style board with a liberal scattering of bonus squares, and other fun gameplay elements. Spell words and rack up more points than your opponent to win.

Read our in-depth article for more about Word Chums, including game modes, boosts and winning tips. 

How Do You Play Word Chums?

If you’ve played other games like it, tapping into word cheats for Word Chums will be familiar territory. Using the seven letter tiles in your rack, plus any letters already on the game board, you form valid words on the intersecting grid to earn points. Each letter has its own assigned point value. You and your opponent take turns, spelling good words on bonus squares and accumulating as many points as possible. 

How Do I Win at Word Chums?

To put it simply, you need to score more points than your opponent. To do that, you may want to keep a few tips and strategies in mind:

  1. Be mindful of opportunities. Earning a couple of extra points might not be worth it if you open up a lucrative bonus square opportunity for your opponent.

  2. Claim those bonus squares. Particularly if there’s a triple word bonus available, it’s smarter to use it yourself — even for fewer points — so your opponent can’t use it.

  3. Save your S tiles. While it can make sense in some situations, holding onto an S for a potential hook leaves you with many more options down the road.

  4. Keep your J, X and Z tiles too. It’s usually not worth it to play “ZA” for 11 points. Rather, reserve these high-value letters for high-scoring plays, typically 30 or more points.

  5. Shuffle frequently. It costs you nothing to use the “shuffle” option in the game and it can help you see unscrambled words you may have otherwise missed.

Can You Play With More Than Two Players?

Yes. While the main game modes are designed for a two-player versus match, Word Chums also offers a separate mode for three- and four-player games. When creating one of these games, you can choose between a free-for-all or team-based format.

Can You Cheat on Word Chums?

Yes, you can cheat. And you probably should, especially when you get stuck trying to find high-scoring words to play.

To play Word Chums, you need to be tough, smart and quick on your feet. The pleasure is in playing against serious challengers, using every resource to win. Every advantage you want, your opponent wants just as bad. So, where’s your edge? What should you do to win? Gain the upper hand with a Word Chums solver. Because you know they will.

What Are Chums in Word Chums?

Chums are your in-game avatars. While the cute and colorful characters don’t influence the game directly, you can customize them with themes and outfits. They help give the game a personal touch. This way, you have more of a reason to keep playing and stay invested.

How Does the Hint Work in Word Chums?

Among the power-ups in the game, you can use the Hint to reveal where to place a high-scoring word. If you know where you can play a word, you may have a better idea of which word you should play. Another power-up is the Bomb. It replaces all of the tiles on your rack with new ones.

Get Chummy With Our Cheat Tool

Here at WordFinder®, our business may be games, but we’re not just playing around. We’re serious about delivering the best Word Chums help, not to mention Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfeud, Word Cookies!®, Wordscapes®, Boggle and crossword help, freely and easily available on the internet. 

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