The Hardest Wordle Puzzles to Date (What Does Tacit Even Mean?!)

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Wordle gets a lot of things right. And Wordle puzzles are never too difficult — until they are. Occasionally, some Wordle answers will be less common or too similar to other words. Whatever type of word it is, the problem is that these hardest words do a great job of ruining Wordle win streaks. So, what have been the most difficult Wordle words so far in 2022? We have the answers here.

The Most Challenging Wordle Answers

For the first quarter of 2022 (January through March), we tracked pageviews to our Wordle Solver page. The assumption is that on days with the highest level of activity, people were struggling the most to find the right Wordle answers. The most difficult Wordle words presumably gave people the most trouble. 

After assigning a value of 100 to the busiest day on our WordFinder Wordle solver, we calculated relative values for the remaining Wordle words on the list. You can see them here ranked in order, starting with the hardest Wordle answer so far in 2022. 

The top 10 hardest Wordle puzzlesThe top 10 hardest Wordle puzzles(CC BY-ND 4.0)

So, the hardest Wordle words in 2022 to date are epoxy, nymph, cynic, vivid, depot, movie, their, aroma, allow and tacit.

Characteristics of Hard Wordle Words

All of the words above proved to be difficult for many Wordle enthusiasts out there, especially when playing Wordle on hard mode. But, they aren’t all hard words for the same reasons. Normally, there are two reasons why a word will be hard to find in Wordle: It is either an obscure word or one that follows less common spelling patterns. In either case, a great Wordle hint can make a world of difference.

The Obscure Oddballs

While none of these are totally obscure words, at least as far as most word game fans are concerned, they are uncommon enough to cause problems for anyone unprepared to look for them. You’re probably not going to read, write or hear them during everyday conversation. 

  1. Epoxy: Any artificial and durable resin made of epoxide rings that's used as an protective coating or adhesive.

  2. Nymph: A minor deity from Greek or Roman mythology, usually represented as a beautiful maiden, sometimes personifying features of nature.

  3. Cynic: Someone whose outlook on life and people is unmistakably negative, believing all people are motivated by selfishness. 

  4. Tacit: Something that is understood, implied or inferred without any direct or open statement.

The Tricky Spellers

These difficult Wordle words have spelling patterns that aren’t always easy to deduce right away. They can have excess vowels, duplicate letters or letters in uncommon placements.

  1. Vivid: Anything someone might perceive as striking, brilliant or lively.

  2. Depot: Any type of terminal, warehouse or storage area where goods and products are commonly delivered.

  3. Movie: A motion picture that people watch for entertainment or educational reasons.

  4. Their: An adjective used to show ownership of something by “them.”

  5. Aroma: Any pleasant odor or fragrance; commonly associated with smells produced while cooking.

  6. Allow: To permit something to happen.

What Can We Learn from the Data?

After seeing which Wordle words have given people the most trouble, it’s clear that people struggle the most with words that don’t follow the common spelling patterns or use duplicate letters

The semi-obscure words that people miss (and the posts people have shared about them on social media) also suggest that players are looking for words they expect to find. When the Wordle answer ends up being a word they don’t regularly use, their chances of failing the puzzle increase significantly.

Studying the full range of five letter words can help in both cases. Pay extra attention to the best starting words in Wordle to maximize your chances of success. 

Wordle Strategies That Can Make a Difference

Did any of these words cost you your streak in Wordle? It happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it. If you want to avoid crushing defeat in the future, you need to know the best ways to play. That’s what our guide to the top Wordle strategies can teach you. Master your Wordle skills, and when we share the hardest words next time, you’ll have a clear idea of how much you’ve improved.

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