The Worst Wordle Words That Only Hinder Your Game

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Wordle is a simple game that requires a lot of thought and strategy. You need to know the best word to play and exactly when to play it. Learning the proven best Wordle words will help you, but so will learning what are the worst Wordle words to start with. Sometimes, the best way to succeed is to know what not to do. Or, in Wordle’s case, what not to spell.

You only have six chances to solve Wordle each day. And if you’re playing a game like Dordle, Quordle or Octordle, the number of guesses increases, but the added puzzle words ensure that the difficulty only increases. The point is, no matter what Wordle-like game you’re playing, your turns are precious. They’re limited resources. That’s why you’ll want to avoid playing the worst words to use in Wordle. 

The 10 worst words to play in WordleThe 10 worst words to play in Wordle


Fuffy” is another way to say something is light, puffy, or generally airy. In Wordle, it’s a great way to waste a turn by using a fairly obscure word with only three letters in it.


If something is “fuzzy,” it is similar to or covered with fuzz. “Fuzzy” can also describe something that is blurred or obscured in some way. This second definition is fitting here, as playing this word in Wordle will only make it harder to figure out what the answer is.


As a verb, to “immix” means to blend or mix things together thoroughly. If you feel like putting your Wordle win streak through a metaphorical blender, by all means, play immix.


Use this exclamation as a replacement for your favorite curse words. “Jeeze” expresses surprise, annoyance or frustration. So, for the worst words in Wordle, this is one you can use and then promptly shout.


For certain insects, the “jugum” is a yokelike structure that joins their forewings to their hind legs. So, that means “jugum” is a word pertaining to bugs that will really bug you if you play it in Wordle. 


Here we have one of the rare words without vowels or even a Y. “Phpht” is an interjection used to show annoyance. While such a consonant-heavy word might be useful in most cases, “phpht” having two sets of repeating letters plummets its utility in Wordle.


Pzazz” is anything with flair, flamboyance or style. It’s an alternate spelling of the word “pizzazz.” Unfortunately, the use of three Z’s makes playing this word in Wordle anything but stylish. 


Simply, “qajaq” is the original version of the word “kayak,” a type of small canoe. Fun fact: Reddit user “sirry” created a program to deduce some of the worst starting words in Wordle. Their findings shows that “qajaq” and “immix” are two of the worst Wordle words you can play.


Yes, “xylyl” is a real word. It’s a term used in organic chemistry for “any of several univalent radicals” that are “derived from the three isomers of xylene.” No, we don’t know which poor Wordle player tried it first. What we do know is that software engineer Chris Van Lanen-Wanek ran a program to check the frequency scores of Wordle to find the worst word. Our new friend “xylyl” here was the winner of the losers. 


Zizit” are the fringes or knotted tassels on the corners of a tallit. A tallit is a type of shirt worn by orthodox Jewish men. With double Z’s and double I’s wasting one of your turns, you’ll be on the fringes of your sanity if you play this word in Wordle. 

Or Should You Play These Words?

Would you like to make solving your Wordle puzzles harder for no reason? Now, at first, that might sound like a terrible idea, but there is some merit to the idea. For instance, maybe the game’s hard mode isn’t hard enough for you. Why not challenge yourself by using the words you know won’t be of much help? It’s a flex, as they say.

From the Worst to Best Wordle Words

Now that you know what the worst five-letter words for Wordle are, you can make sure to avoid them (or use them for an extra challenge). Of course, avoiding the bad words isn’t enough to snag victory and maintain a consistent win streak in Wordle. You also need to know the best words for finding Wordle answers. We can help with that too, thanks to our guide for the best starting Wordle words. These are the words that will maximize your chances of winning your games in only a few turns.

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