Text Twist Gives Word Fans a Fresh Way to Play

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Text Twist offers a fun, reliable and puzzling experience for every word game fan looking for something to play in their web browser. Whether you want to challenge your anagram-solving skills or just need something to pass the time, Text Twist and Text Twist 2 can keep you plenty busy. And, you can play Text Twist free online on a number of websites. It’s a perfectly convenient companion for any desktop or laptop user.

The Basics of Text Twist

Text Twist is a timed anagram solver game. During each round of the game, you have two minutes to make as many valid words as possible from the six provided letters. The words vary in length, but you will always need to spell at least one six-letter word using every letter. In both Text Twist and Text Twist 2, words are never shorter than three letters long. 

In many ways, this game is similar to Word Whomp. Word Whomp is another timed anagram solving game that tests your ability to create words from limited letters.

Text Twist’s Simple Fun Factor

The best thing about Text Twist is its simplicity. Not in the sense of its gameplay or difficulty, but in its design and presentation. It gets to the point and lets you enjoy yourself without any extra fluff. That’s needed sometimes. Games with lots of content and features have their place, but people don’t always have time (or even the patience) for those. When you want to play right away, Text Twist is a solid choice.

A Mobile Option for Android Users

First and foremost, the Text Twist free online game is designed for the web. But, there is an app version available for Android devices too. This mobile app plays the same way as the browser-based game. If you prefer to take the game with you on the go, this app is for you. Note that the helpful keyboard controls in the Text Twist web game are absent in the mobile app version.

The Core of Text Twist’s Gameplay

To reiterate, your goal in Text Twist is to solve anagrams. Each round, the game displays blank letter squares set in columns. Underneath those squares are the preselected letters and blank spaces to type your words. The number of words varies from round to round, but there are usually around 20 target words per puzzle.

Winning at Text Twist 2

Your goal in Text Twist and Text Twist 2 is simply to move on to every subsequent round. To do this, you need to find at least one word that uses every letter. You earn bonus points for every other word you find. The points don’t affect your progress, however. More so, they are meant to motivate you to beat previous scores and advance to levels you’ve never reached before.

Handy Keyboard Controls

One of the best things about playing a game on your computer is that you can use your keyboard to control it. You can play with only your mouse, but being able to type in a word can save precious seconds during a round.

Using the keyboard also lets you take advantage of helpful shortcut commands:

  • Spacebar: Twist (shuffle) the letters.

  • Enter: Submit the word you typed as your answer.

  • Backspace: Delete the last letter you entered.

  • Tab: Delete every letter.

Tips and Tricks That Spell Victory

Finding the missing words can be easier said than done. Thanks to the pressure of a tight time limit, it’s easy to lose focus. That may have been a cause for panic before. Now, you can follow these tips to keep your cool and best any puzzle Text Twist throws at you.

  • Pay attention to the alphabetical order: The word lists for each puzzle are sorted alphabetically. If you are missing a word or a few words, check the ones before or after it that you’ve already added. Their alphabetical order can help you narrow down which words you haven’t found yet.

  • Develop your anagram-solving skills: Excelling at Text Twist requires you to have a firm understanding of how to unscramble letters. If that’s something you aren’t familiar with, take the time to learn some of the most important anagram-solving tips.

  • Get help from WordFinder: Use the WordFinder app when the timer is running out and you simply cannot figure out which words are missing. WordFinder’s Text Twist solver will find every word you could need. Our handy tool can also sort the words by length, which makes finding the words quick and easy.

Find More Fun and Free Word Games

Some people might view Text Twist’s straightforward design as being basic. However, that perception can also add value to the game. Don’t take having access to quick, entertaining games for granted! If you enjoy having a plethora of quick, fun and free games to pick up and play at any time, check out these 15 online word games to meet that need.

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