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Trivia Crack is a fun and engaging trivia game you can play on multiple devices. It’s the most popular game of its kind in the world, boasting millions of users from nearly 200 countries. If you’re looking for a great trivia game, Trivia Crack just might be your best and most compelling choice. 

A Bit of Trivia About Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is an app created by the company Etermax. Etermax first published the game in 2013 on iOS and Android devices. Later on, Etermax added the game to Facebook. They also enabled it on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant services.

Since its launch, Trivia Crack has become a worldwide sensation. Hundreds of millions of people have downloaded the app, and over 150 million active users play the game annually. The game was the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store in December 2014. And, it has retained its high popularity since then. 

This is due in large part to the Question Factory, a feature that lets users create their own trivia questions and submit them for approval. This encouraged a lot of player participation and gave people a creative reason to keep returning to the game.

The Simple Premise of Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack revolves around a basic style of gameplay inspired by other trivia games. One major influence is Trivial Pursuit, evident by the similar categories and win conditions both games share.

  • Categories: Trivia Crack has seven categories: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography, History and Crown. Crown is a so-called “special” category.

  • Taking turns: You play by spinning a wheel with every category on it. The questions pertain to whatever category the wheel stops on. If you answer the question correctly, you move onto the next question. If you answer incorrectly, your opponent takes their turn.

  • Collecting characters: The goal of the game is to collect the six characters that represent the six regular categories. You earn these characters by answering Crown questions.

  • Crown questions: Whenever you answer a question, the Crown gauge will fill partway. Answering three questions fills the gauge. Once it’s filled, the game asks you to select one of the characters. You then need to answer a question relating to the character’s category to claim it. (Note: You can immediately attempt to win a character if the wheel lands on the Crown category.)

  • Challenges: Filling the Crown gauge also gives you the chance to steal one of your opponent’s characters by answering a question correctly. However, you must wager one of your own characters to do so. If you don’t answer the question correctly, your opponent will take your character.

  • Winning the game: The first player to collect all six characters automatically wins the game. If no one collects all six characters after 25 rounds, the player with the most characters wins.

Games Within the Game

Aside from the main game, Trivia Crack provides a few extra modes for you to enjoy. Most of these are timed missions and special events that pit you against random opponents.

Each game also has a specific ruleset and win condition. In “Survival,” for example, you play against nine other people. Everyone must answer the same questions at the same time. When a player answers incorrectly, they are eliminated. The game ends when there is only one player remaining.

Most of these side games have restrictions on when you can play them. Some have timers that prevent you from playing the game again for free until the next day. Others have timers that indicate how long a special event within a game will remain active.

Helpful Hints to Keep the Game Going

There will come a time when you don’t know the answer to a question. Thanks to the Question Factory, there’s no shortage of questions about every topic within every category. That’s why it’s important to remember these useful tips that can help you stay in the game.

  • Watch ads for power-ups: No one enjoys watching ads, but doing so is a great way to get some useful power-ups. The power-ups can remove incorrect answers, give you a second chance to choose or simply pick the correct answer for you.

  • Save your power-ups for the right moment: Don’t waste your power-ups by using them right away. Save them until you really need them. One such time might be when you need to answer a question to earn a character. If the character represents a category you’re not an expert on, having a power-up could save you from potentially losing the character.

  • Watch ads for free spins: Once during each of your turns, the game gives you the option to watch an ad if you answer a question incorrectly. It’s a free way to get a second chance to continue your streak. If you ever run out of power-ups and need to blindly guess an answer, the free spin can be your backup plan.

Additional Iterations

Thanks to Trivia Crack’s massive success, Etermax released various sequel and spinoff games based on it. Below are a few examples of the 10 games related to the brand. Expect more Trivia Crack games from Etermax in the future. 

  • Trivia Crack 2: This update to the original game introduces new game modes. It also allows the user to customize more content, such as the game wheel.

  • Trivia Crack Adventure: This is an adventure board game version of Trivia Crack. Players roll a die to determine how far they move on the board. The actions they need to take, such as answering trivia questions, depend on which tile they land on.

  • Triviatopia Run: This game is an example of how Trivia Crack grew beyond its trivia roots. Triviatopia Run is an endless runner game where players control characters from the Triviatopia animated series.

Keep Feeding That Trivia Urge

Trivia Crack is the perfect mobile game for any and all lovers of trivia. It’s fun, challenging and educational. You can also play it any time, anywhere. There are more trivia game options out there to enjoy than just this one, though. Many of them let you do things that Trivia Crack simply cannot. Read WordFinder's list of fantastic browser-based trivia games to find some trivia alternatives to play on your own or with friends.

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