Unique Word Games for Nintendo Switch You Should Be Playing

Nintendo Switch game Typoman

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Since its launch in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become one of the best video game systems on the market. Its design as a hybrid home and portable console make it perfect for a wide variety of players. This popularity means that plenty of games for every genre are available, including word games. There are some terrific word games to discover via the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.


Typoman is a platformer with a twist. It features the typical run-and-jump style of its genre, but it pairs that with a unique feature: words.

You play as the titular Typoman, a being made of letters. In fact, every character and enemy in the game—and many parts of the environment—are made of letters. Typoman can manipulate these letters and the words they form to perform actions that help him complete his quest.

Words and letters literally shape and affect the world around you. Spelling the word ON with letters resting next to a platform can activate the platform. The word PART that’s blocking your path might actually be an anagram of TRAP. In Typoman, words can help or hurt in a very literal sense.

Happy Words

Happy Wordsis the game to play to get your Scrabble fix on the Nintendo Switch. The rules are essentially the same, but there are a few minor differences that make Happy Words its own entity.

Players have plenty of customization options in Happy Words. They can adjust the number of tiles they have, set the time limit for each turn, allow players to see the definitions of words and much more.

Play on your own or with friends. Or, you can find opponents online. Happy Words captures the fun of classic Scrabble while offering plenty of options.

What the Dub?!

What the Dub?!is a word party game that lets people be creative (and maybe a bit rude) with clips from some truly awful films.

Each round, every player watches a scene from a cheesy or simply terrible old film. One part of the scene will be missing its audio. The players need to use their phones to submit a line of dialogue. The game then voices each player’s line over the part of the scene. Once all the lines have been played, the players vote on their favorites to determine who won. What the Dub?! similar to Cards Against Humanity in this way.


Ord.takes the player on a text-based adventure. This is a purposefully minimalist game, both in gameplay and visuals. 

There are five stories to play. Each story forces you to perform actions and make choices by reading only three words at a time. One word is a prompt, the other two are your options. How the story unfolds (or abruptly ends) will depend on your decisions. Choose your own adventure!


Spellworm is similar to the classic Snake game from the flip phone days of yore. You move your worm forward on a grid, but each square has a letter on it. You spell multiple words by moving the worm from one letter to the next.

The game has 15 puzzles with five levels each. Each puzzle also has a theme, and each level has words that relate to the themes. You need to keep your focus on the themes to deduce what the words are. Making just one mistake will take your worm off course, requiring you to restart the level.


Spellspire follows the pattern of Typoman by mixing a popular genre with word game elements. For this game, letters blend with the adventure role-playing game genre. It shares some aspects with Bookworm Adventures, if you remember that casual word game.

Here, you play as a young sorcerer trying to explore a towering spire full of monsters. When you encounter these beasts, you spell words from a grid at the bottom-right corner of the screen. These words turn into magic spells that the sorcerer shoots at the monsters. The longer the word, the more powerful the attack.

Spellspire also limits the time you have to spell the words. You need to be fast and accurate to spell the best words possible and take down the monstrous opponents.

Fifty Words

Fifty Words is a simple yet enjoyable word search game. Each level features a theme for the words, but there is no visible word list. It’s up to you to search through the entire puzzle to find all 50 hidden words.

The challenge is entirely in finding every word. There is a timer, but it only tracks how long it takes for you to complete a level. Fifty Words fulfills its purpose as a casual game that keeps your attention for as long as you want it to.

Switch Over to Some Great Word Games

These Nintendo Switch games are great options for any lover of word games. Plus, with the Nintendo Switch as successful as it is, there are plenty more titles available than mentioned. Keep going and take a gander at these great word games for Android and iOS too. Discover some new games to play on your phone or tablet.

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