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The Family Feud game show has been hugely popular for decades. Multiple iterations of the TV show go all the way back to 1976. Watching two guest families compete to find the best-ranking answers to survey questions has been a favorite pastime for millions of people. Thanks to computers and mobile devices, playing the game yourself is now also an option. If you’re looking for a Family Feud game to play, survey says you have a couple of great options to get in on the action.

The Family Feud Live App

There are a few mobile apps with similar rules and gameplay as Family Feud. But, if you’re looking for the official experience, you’ll want to download Family Feud Live by Umi Mobile. This Family Feud game places the fun and challenge of the game show, with a few modifications, in the palm of your hand.

The gameplay is generally the same as the TV show. The “family” aspect is lost, though, as you play the game one-on-one. 

  • Each player tries to find multiple answers to a shared survey question. 

  • With each correct answer, you earn points. 

  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. 

  • They also win a nice bounty of the game’s in-app currency.

Game Modes and Rules

The official Family Feud app has two primary game modes: Classic and Fast Money. Both modes involve finding answers to questions, but the number of questions and the number of answers given are different.

Classic Mode

Classic mode takes inspiration from the first three rounds of the Family Feud TV show. The only real change is that each round has a time limit of 50 seconds.

  1. The game asks players a single question with multiple answers. Each answer is ranked, and better answers are worth more points. 

  2. To answer a question, use the keyboard at the bottom of your screen. As you type, suggested answers will appear above the keyboard, similar to autocomplete on Google.

  3. When you select a correct answer, the game reveals it on the top half of the screen. If your answer is incorrect, you get one strike. 

  4. After three strikes, each additional incorrect answer will deduct points from your score for that round.

  5. When time runs out, the round ends and player scores are added to their totals.

  6. Steps 1 to 4 repeat for the second and third rounds of the game. In round two, the points are doubled. In round three, the points are tripled.

  7. The player with the highest total score at the end of the third round wins the game.

Family Feud Live app screnshotsFamily Feud Live app screnshots

Fast Money Mode

The Fast Money mode in the Family Feud app follows the same rules as the TV show’s bonus round. Rather than finding multiple answers for a single question, you offer a single answer for five different questions. As with the Classic game mode, you have 50 seconds to complete each round.

  1. When the round starts, the game immediately asks you the first question. There are multiple right answers for each question, but your goal is to find the best matching answer to get the most points.

  2. If you cannot think of a good answer, you have the option to skip the question and come back to it later.

  3. Once time runs out, the game will reveal how many points the answers you and your opponent gave are worth.

  4. The player with the highest total score at the end of the round wins the game and a prize of coins.

Extra Features in the App

Following the trends of other apps, Family Feud Live offers additional features and options to liven up your experience.

  • Game Invites: Similar to Words With Friends and Scrabble GO, you can match with your friends to play games. Do this by connecting your Facebook account to the Family Feud app.

  • In-app purchases: To play any games, you need to spend Tickets, which are one of the app’s consumable items. The game gives you seven new tickets each day. If you run out early, you have the option to buy more. You can also purchase coins, which you wager in tournaments.

  • Tournaments: There are tournament modes for both the Classic and the Fast Money game modes. The rules are the same, but instead of playing against one player, you play against three. The champion wins the grand prize of coins. 

  • VIP tournaments: You only have access to these special tournaments if you are a VIP, which costs $4.99 a month. They have the same rules as the other tournaments, but you have the chance to win a lot more coins.

The Family Feud Online Game

Now, if you’d rather not download an app or you’re playing on a computer, you can always play the web version of Family Feud. This free-to-play browser game makes playing Family Feud online quick and easy. Similar to the app, the browser-based Family Feud game uses a modified version of the TV show’s rules. There are only two contestants, and each round is timed. 

The Main Difference From the App

Naturally, since the Family Feud online game is browser-based and not a full mobile app, there are a number of differences between it and the Family Feud Live app. 

The most notable difference is the web game’s lack of different modes. The browser game is all about being a fast and simple way to play. You have one game mode that combines the gameplay of the app’s Classic and Fast Money modes.

The first three rounds of the browser game follow the same rules as the Classic mode. If you win those rounds, you move onto a final round. That uses the same rules as the Fast Money game.

Family Feud Tips and Tricks

Regardless of which Family Feud online game you play, one thing remains the same: You need to have a strong strategy to win. Winning doesn’t just depend on knowing the answers. It also depends on keeping one step ahead of your opponent. If you’ve been having trouble finding Family Feud Live answers or reaching the final round of the web game, these tactics will help you turn your luck around.

  • Avoid super-specific answers: The answers to the game’s questions are based on the TV show's premise of surveying people for the most popular answers. Statistically, the more common or obvious the answer, the more points you’ll get. Start with the highest-earning answers. Then, if you run out of options, go ahead and try more specific ones.

  • Don’t answer based solely on your opinion: Again, you need to base your answers around what other people would guess. That means you need to avoid basing your answers on your personal opinion about a question. Try to think about the question from the point of view of most people. That's how you'll find words on the board.

  • Know when to guess: There will come times when you need to guess an answer. Usually, this happens when you are behind in points and would lose if you don’t start finding some of the answers. Use your three strikes to try answers that rest somewhere between being high-value and being too specific to be on the board.

  • Know when not to guess: There will also come times when you want to avoid guessing the answer. Typically, this happens when you’ve already had three strikes. Remember, you lose points for every wrong answer after that. If you are in the lead, it’s sometimes best to stop looking for answers and let the time run out. There’s no reason to cost yourself points if your opponent still needs a lot of points to catch up.

Survey Says: Another Show-Turned-Game to Play

Playing the Family Feud game, whether through the app or with your browser online, is a worthwhile way to pass the time. The TV show premise definitely helps with this, as the competitive nature transfers well to the online experience. The same goes for other game shows. A great example is Jeopardy!, which is perhaps the most popular game show in the world. The official Jeopardy! mobile app offers one of the best trivia-based experiences you can find.

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