Why Aerolith Is the Scrabble Training Tool for Serious Players

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Playing in Scrabble tournaments means you need to be skilled at solving anagrams. Some people are naturally skilled at deducing what words they can make from their letter tiles. Other people need to develop that talent. One of the absolute best tools for this mission is Aerolith. The website was built for the purpose of teaching people how to unscramble anagrams.

A Site Suited for Scrabble

Aerolith was not exclusively designed as a Scrabble word finder for pro players. But, its function works perfectly for what they need to learn. Programmer César Del Solar is the site’s creator. An avid Scrabble player and lover of words, César built the Aerolith website and Wordwalls, the site’s main feature. His goal was for people to use the site to improve their ability to unscramble words from letters. He has held the copyright on Aerolith since 2007.

Aerolith exists solely to help people learn how to solve anagrams. This means people can use it to help them improve at more than just Scrabble. Using the site’s Wordwalls feature can help you get better at playing Words With Friends, Boggle and nearly any other anagram-focused word game.

NOTE: You will need to create a free account to use the site’s tools.

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Support Your Skills With Wordwalls

Wordwalls is Aerolith’s main feature. The site has a few other features—such as Hall of Fame and stats pages—but those exist to complement Wordwalls. Anagrams are ultimately what the site is all about.

To that end and purpose, serious Scrabble players often see the site as a godsend. Wordwalls is a surprisingly robust program. The tools and options allow users to customize their experience.

  • Single-Player Challenges: These are the main challenges for Wordwalls. The multiple daily anagram word lists are sorted by word length. There are also harder challenges available, such as the Bingo Marathons.

  • Word Search: The word searches are similar to the Single-Player Challenges. The main difference is that you can more freely adjust the settings and parameters for each challenge. A Flash Card version shows you one word at a time rather than displaying the full word list.

  • Blanks: Blanks are different versions of the Word Search lists. They include blank letters to make solving the anagrams more of a challenge.

  • Aerolith Lists: This section contains a full collection of Aerolith’s word lists. Clicking on any of them immediately begins a game with the anagram solver using their predetermined criteria.

  • My Saved Lists: This is where you can save or upload your word lists.

All of these modes also allow you to choose your desired lexicon. For instance, you can toggle between using the latest Scrabble dictionary versions from NASPA or WESPA.

How to Make the Most of Wordwalls

With all that Aerolith has to offer, all of the modes and settings, it’s clear how it can help Scrabble players master their skills. Anagrams begin to make more sense the more you play with them. Words begin to form in your mind without needing to force them.

If you want to be a better Scrabble player, use Wordwalls and implement these simple tricks to make your goal a reality.

  • Routinely play the daily challenges to develop the right mindset. Turning an activity into a habit is a surefire way to learn any skill quickly. Repetition is key.

  • Start small and build to more difficult challenges. Don’t begin with the idea that you should start with the eight-letter challenges or anything harder. The three- or four-letter word challenges are better entry points into the experience.

  • Play with the Word Search and Blanks modes once you have some experience with the daily challenges. These two modes are great for people who desire a custom experience. Such a desire doesn’t make sense for anyone who is uncertain where their anagram-solving skills are lacking. Figure out what you need help with, then customize the Wordwalls games to help you improve.

  • Adjust the time limits if you think you need more time. You can only change the time limits for the Word Search and Blanks modes. If you find yourself running out of time too often before completing a challenge, consider increasing the time limit. You can work on getting fast at solving the anagrams after you’ve mastered the basics.

Become an Anagram-Solving Pro

Aerolith’s Wordwalls is a must-use tool for anyone who wishes to craft high-point-value words from any assortment of Scrabble tiles. The seemingly impossible anagrams those letter tiles can create are major hurdles for many new players. Keep using Wordwalls and check out these helpful hints for how to solve anagrams to become an expert Scrabble wordsmith.

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