Why Word Connect Is Your Link to a Classic Challenge

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There are plenty of fun word games to play on mobile. Many of these games take fan-favorite gameplay styles and reimagine them in creative new ways. The Word Connect game does this, and it does it very well. Inspired by the formula from Wordscapes and other popular games, Word Connect delivers a pure source of entertainment that makes the download more than worth it.

Word Connect Basics

Word Connect is an anagram solver game with rules similar to Wordscapes. You work to complete each puzzle by spelling hidden words. The levels start out easy, but the further you get into the game, the more difficult it gets to find words. Word Connect pushes you with more words and longer words. Naturally, the number of letters you can use to spell the words increases as well.

The Simple Rules of Word Connect

Every level in Word Connect plays the exact same way, except for mini-games like the Daily Puzzles. The gameplay is engaging and easy to learn.

  1. Every word you need to find is represented by multiple rows of blank squares. The game sorts these rows into columns.

  2. Beneath the squares are a group of letters arranged in a circle. The number of letters increases the more you play.

  3. Create words from the letters provided.

  4. To spell a word, draw a line from one letter to the next. When a line you draw connects letters to form a valid word, that word will fill a set of blank squares above.

  5. Find and spell every missing word to clear the level.

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Packed With Fun Puzzles

Word Connect doesn’t include too many additional features aside from the core game. Its goal is to be a simple game that gets straight into its reliable action. The puzzling gameplay takes place one level at a time, and the levels are sorted into packs. 

The Word Connect game features thousands of packs to unlock and play, one after the other. Each pack has at least five puzzles. With all of these puzzles in all of these packs, the amount of fun you can have playing Word Connect is essentially infinite. 

Welcome Word Connect Help and Bonuses

Keeping its focus on the core gameplay is great. But, Word Connect does offer a few extra perks. The add-ins help the game stay in line with the standards for most mobile games today.

  • Coins: Coins are the in-game currency. Use them to buy Hints. Collect Coins by solving puzzles and watching ads.

  • Hints: Hints are power-ups you can use to solve puzzles. There are two main types. One type of Hint reveals a single, random letter in a word. Others reveal a single letter in every word.

  • Paper Planes: Paper Planes are power-ups you can only obtain through in-app purchases. Use one to reveal the first letter of a puzzle’s longest word. If you do, finding that word will earn you bonus Coins.

  • Bonus Words: Bonus Words are real words that aren’t part of the puzzle. Every time you spell a Bonus Word in Word Connect, you add a point to a gauge. When you’ve completely filled the gauge, you can claim free rewards.

  • Daily Challenges: These puzzles have slightly different gameplay than the main game. Complete these each day to earn bonus Coins.

  • The Album: The Album is tied to special event games. The events are time-sensitive, and Word Connect releases new ones regularly.

Useful Tips to Connect the Dots

If you are familiar with Wordscapes or other games like it, such as the deliciously fun Word Cookies, then you’ll feel right at home with Word Connect. If you are new to this style of game, or it’s been a while since you’ve played, then finding all the puzzle words might get difficult. When that happens and you need some Word Connect help, refer to these quick tips.

  • Don’t ignore the Hints: If you have them, use them. Hints are there to help you. Even one revealed letter can save you a ton of time and give you the momentum you need to complete the entire puzzle.

  • Shuffle your letters: Don’t let the letters sit in the same orientation for too long. This is especially important when you are stuck on a final word you simply can’t figure out. Mixing up the letters will help you find words you didn’t know were there.

  • Don’t trust the word order: Most word games sort their words in alphabetical order. Word Connect is the exception. This game follows its own specific order, which makes it hard to figure out what a missing word in a column might be.

  • Spell every word you can think of: The game won’t punish you if you spell a word that isn’t part of the puzzle. It won’t even punish you if it’s not a “real” word. Don’t ignore a possible answer because you think the game might not like it. 

  • Find any plural words: Often, if you have an “S” to use, a puzzle’s larger words will be plural versions of the smaller words. If you find a short word that you know has a plural form, try that plural word as well. Likewise, if you find a plural word first, try its singular form too.

  • Call on WordFinder for help: A puzzle seems impossible to solve. And you’ve exhausted all your Hints. Fear not, because WordFinder can save the day. Go to the Word Connect page on the WordFinder site. Or, download the WordFinder app and select Word Connect from the supported games list. Enter the puzzle’s letters into the search bar and watch as WordFinder generates a large list of possible answers.

Connect With More Puzzling Games

There are lots of word games besides Word Connect with the same gameplay that Wordscapes popularized. All of them bring their own flair to the mechanics, and all of them are equally fun. If you enjoy Word Connect and are looking for more, our list of Wordscapes-like games will help you unearth some real gems.

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